Robbers Torment Ekiti Community Again




Another 7-man gang of armed robbers yesterday robbed the Fajuyi Housing estate along Ilawe Road, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, and carted away many valuable personal effects worth millions of Naira after unleashing untold terror on the victims. This was barely four weeks after a deadly gang of armed young men, tormented the Olorunda area of Ado Ekiti, killing an undergraduate, beating a secondary school principal to coma and robbing the victims of money.
According to Mr. Ayo Orebe, the general chairman of the housing estate, the armed men robbed about six households of the green roof arm of the estate.
Orebe said: “The robbery incident happened around 12 am today (March 8). Before it happened there were omnious signs that something terrible would happen. Dogs in the neighbourhood, including my three dogs were barking violently and that made me to make calls to our executives that everyone should be at alert as the violent barking of the dogs signaled terrible imminent incident.
It was around 12:30 am that one of the victims, a young man rushed to my place to recall the ordeal he went through with the armed men. He said he was at home with his family, a kid of two years old and his wife when the robbers broke into his apartment, demanding for money and other personal effects. He said he would have put up a fight but they put a gun to his first son of barely two years old and that humbled him. The man said that by the time the robbers left, they had taken away his money, phones, laptops and jewelry worth thousands of Naira.


” Immdediately we call the nearest police station to come to our rescue and in fairness to them they were in the estate in ten minutes. But I think the fact that they were blaring their siren till they got here put the thieves on guard because the police came, combed almost everywhere in the area before they left. But they did not see any of the robbers. But not long after they left, about five other residents in the neighbourhood, including Mr. Igbafe ibrahim saka, a player with Ekiti United Football Club, rushed out one after the other to report that the robbers just finished robbing them. They said the armed men took away their phones, laptops, computers, and lots of money among others.
The victims said that they threatened to shoot their children if they failed to produce their belongings and so they had to surrender. ” When these people kept coming out to report, we called back the policemen but they still didn’t get the thieves when they came back.”  Lamenting further, the CDA chairman said that part of what made security in the estate to be very porous is because they are yet to have a police post in the estate which comprises of over 3000 occupants and 2000 apartments.
Orebe said: “the former state government had helped to construct a police post building for us in the estate but there has yet to be police personnel in the office since six or more months ago the place was completed. Had it been that we had the police that close to us, the robbers would probably have been apprehended, ” Orebe argued.
The Ekiti State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr. Albert Adeyemi confirmed the robbery incident when contacted by Daily Sun, he said that his men were able to get to the area on time and secured the place till day break. ” It is true that the place was attacked and once alerted, our men got there on time to secure the place. About the police building the people said government had built for them, we are working assiduously on getting the place equipped and staffed, it is just some logistics problem which would soon be over and we will move into the area to secure it well.” He promised.

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