1. Dear Adeniyi Karunwi,

    In the above report, I was hoping to see an informative plan of action including the practical ideas which we discussed last year for expanding existing forestry reserves all over Nigeria We were proposing to start with an existing map of forestry sites shown on the 1967 atlas of Nigeria, which perhaps is out of date but nevertheless shows the original sites which can be located on the ground and earmarked for:-
    a: A way of generating immediate action on re-aforestation and
    b. To create banks of seedlings for a massive voluntary planting projects, particularly around schools and universities and other public spaces as initiated by the previous Governors of Lagos State.

    Also I suggested that the Minister of the environment be approached for a subvention to be given to NCF for preliminary survey work and to prepare an action plan.

    You will remember the advice give by NCF staff: that it will take at least 20 years after planting for the young trees to mature .

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