1. Dictators! Dictators!!. This is how Dictator begins their tendency. I will hope that you all will fail. Just has you are losing your fight on corruptions due to difference interpretations. Let freedom of speech reign under Democracy. May I know who will decide what is hate speech? Beauty is in the eyes of beholder. What you considered to be hate speech in not to me. For example, I hate (Like) your car? Is that an hate speech. You and your Oga Buhari will fail by trampling on our Freedom Of Speech and fail on coming 2019. Are you after the meaning or the act of saying it. I will rather know where a person belongs than keeping that fellow guessing. Coming through the back door to silence oppositions. I hate you and your Buhari; the begging of dictatorship in Nigeria. If someone does not like a program on TV please change it instead of being angry. I don’t like your APC, is that an offense? Is it by force to like your APC besides some individuals like Okorocha, Egbon Tinubu and Raji Fashy etc. I am mad as hell on this issue even you label me has racist, I do like people on fringe hedges who are expressing for whom and what they are like the Far rights, far lefts and populous, people display beliefs verbally and non verbally (body language) that is displeasure to the authorities. In Yoruba, igbe raga lon shiwaju iparun. This is pot mark on your careers with your Oga Buhari and others if you all succeed. I am open minded person in which I allowed my children and wife to give expressions about their feeling without any hindrance and they blossom with ideas without holding back to express it in any form. Gee, this is what is holding us back in Nigeria and Africa in general. Authority Speaking. Another Imperialists and Idi Amin of modern day in Africa. The Regressive under the yoke of progressives. They are power drunk. This is scary, that is why Femi called them (Drunking Sailors and se… fly). Although, I do not belief in Religions but I will quote from previous leader like Martin Luther King a good orator that my people in Africa and Nigeria will be able to rise up and express themselves in ever form they wish and almighty Lord has never finish with them. We shall also over come sufferings and reach the mountain tops (Rev. Jesse Jackson). I love you all and see you next time.

  2. Mr Vice President,
    Please, focus on tackling and redressing the economic recession, and the subjection of your citizens to panhandlers,mendicants, vagabonds, and almahajiris instead of fighting the inalienable right of the people in expressing themselves
    If I may ask, what is a hate speech and what about the hate attack in the incessant killing of Christians in the Northern Nigeria.

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