Election: Shame to Lawmaker Kicking Against Card Reader- APC Candidate



All Progressive Congress candidate in Isoko South Constituency II, Hon (Chief) Ferguson Onwo in Delta state has said that any National Assembly lawmaker who kick against the use of the card reader for the forthcoming election has failed in his or her duties in the lower chambers of the National Assembly.

Speaking with Daily Times over the weekend following the backlash between the APC and PDP over the use of card readers by INEC, Onwo wondered why some lawmakers in the National Assembly who had cleared the INEC chairman, Prof Attahuru Jega on the use of the card readers should turn back to kick against the initiative which he said would guaranteed credible election.

He said that lawmakers should have argue that the money should be channel to other infrastructure rather than giving their consent only to turn around to kick against it.

“The card reader must be use because I know INEC spent billions to acquire them so if they are not use why did the government back the imitative in the first place?

“Anybody saying card reader should not be used in the National Assembly should be held responsible if the elections are flaw.

“And I am shame of the person because they saw the INEC budget- what they should have done is to shoot it down, channel the money to road or other infrastructure but they approved it.

“So why should they say it shouldn’t be use…if anything happen during the election, those people should be held responsible.

He said that those kicking against the use of the card readers have ulterior motive.

Onwo who also support the deployment of military during the election, noted that elections in Nigeria have never been peaceful and the 2015 election wouldn’t be an exception.

He added however that people are better inform now to conduct themselves in a peaceful manners during and after the elections.

“I support the deployment of military because election have never been peaceful in this country but there is a lot of awareness now, and the violence wouldn’t be much but you can’t rule it out”.

Onwo said that the clamour for “change” is because the electorate wants a better deal which they are not getting from the PDP-led government at the national, state and local government level.

He said that the House of Assembly election are the most difficult elections because it is closer to the people.

Onwo said that besides “stomach infrastructure” people expects dividends of democracy which according to him have been deprived his people for the past 12 years by the PDP lawmaker representing his constituency in the state Assembly.

while soliciting for votes from his constituent, Onwo said that he has a well robust agenda that would ensure growth and development to his constituency if elected.

He promise to improve the living standard of his people in constituency II, build infrastructure and ensure that the people benefit from the oil and gas sector of the economy.

He said that power of incumbency wouldn’t count in the forthcoming election giving the “wind of change blowing in the country” saying that people are now aware and would vote “individual” and not even party.

Onwo who defected from the PDP to contest under APC said that he left the party because of lacks of internal democracy saying his chances are brighter in the APC.

He urged the media practitioners to ensure that vote count during the forthcoming elections saying that the press must counter everything that is anti-democracy.

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