1. It was a very stupid exposition. It smacked of mischief and outright wickedness. Who said those killed are foolanis, by the way? The dss must understand that violence is not an exclusive pastime of the foolianis. If they are caught up in their act, they should die. It is not about buhari that they are being tolerated. If they foolani herdsmen don’t retrace their violent steps, they might be isolated for attack in every region outside the north west. Nonsense.

  2. Oha na Eze are you people not their when the AREWA and ODUDUWA are busy enjoying their decent identity but never want to hear BIAFRA because they don’t want us to have a decent identity due to the hatred they have for us and their greediness over our God given resources? Are you people not there when and now AREWA and ODUDUWA are saying that the Indiginous People of Biafra is unlawful Society while AREWA are busy breezing terrorist and soldiers to terrify and kill your youths in and outside Biafra land? Anxiety and fears did not even let you to condem with strongly voice and warn AREWA and ODUDUWA to desist from killing BIAFRAN youths who are doing there legitimate duty as Biafran citizen instead you merchants of misery resort in speaking with both sides of your mouth! What made AREWA, a society that breeds terrorist a lawful society? What made ODUDUWA a lawful society? Look there is no need sitting down there isseuing statements, you people have to make sure that the remaining 50 bodies are properly identified. Who they are, where they come from and the cause of their death. A lot of Igbo youths and members of IPOB are missing since they are taken away by these Buhari watchdogs and terrorist DDS. What have the OHA NA EZE people said about it? Band of political contractors and merchants of misery. We are not afraid of the plots of AREWA and ODUDUWA, if that their organise periodic killing of Biafrans occur again, that day this nigeria will break. We have had enough of this nonsense, enough is enough. One thing is certain, BIAFRA must be restored. They have also realize that the restoration of Biafra is inevitable because what is good for Sahrawi People is also good for Biafra people.

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