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New fuel pump price, a product of crass insensitivity, NNSG tells FG

The Nigeria National Summit Group (NNSG) has condemned the announced increase in the price of petroleum pump price by the Federal Government from N86 per litre to N145.
After an emergency meeting in Lagos on Thursday, the Group said that the federal government must revert to the old price.
Addressing Newsmen after  the meeting, the Executive Secretary  of the Group, Mr Tony Uranta said that the increase runs contrary to all acceptable tenets of human existence.
‘It is unfathomable that a government that came in with promises to make life better for the people have now worsened the alleged woes.
“Nigeria are over burdened by the current economic situation and adding the increase in fuel pump price may cripple the nation especially small businesses that are the bedrock of any nation’s economy” uranta said.
Increasing the fuel price at this point when most states have not even paid their workers for months smacks of crass insensitivity and absolute disregard for the well-being of Nigerians.
The group condemned the increase in its entirety and urged the Federal government to find better ways to sort out issues in the petroleum sector.
He added that all Nigerians must come out en-masse against the decision and that the NLC must be very careful in its dialogue with the government on the issue.
“We will not be fooled by pre agreements on an actual pump price before negotiations.
“The only negotiation that will be acceptable is a total revert to the old price.
“Nigerians should be allowed to see and enjoy the change they were promised. Since inception of this administration, we are faced with nothing but unpaid salaries, strikes, fuel scarcity, late passage of budget among others. If the government has no clue about what to do, they can consult other Nigerians rather than pretending” Uranta said.

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