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NERC assures MAN of a downward review in energy tariffs

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has assured manufacturers of a downward review of electricity tariffs under the new Multi-Year Tariff Order (MYTO). The assurance was made by Dr. Babajide Taiwo, Ibadan Forum Chairman, NERC, in a meeting held with manufacturers in the Western Zone, which covers all South-western states, including Edo and Delta states at the Ogun State Secretariat of MAN in Sango- Ota on Wednesday.
He said that the issues bordering on hike and discriminatory electricity tariffs as being alleged by MAN would be amicably addressed and both parties would ‘smile’ on the long run. It will be recalled that the association’s President, Frank Udemba-Jacob had on Tuesday led MAN’s delegation to the headquarters of Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) in Abuja following the threat made by the steel sector of the association, on imminent and massive closure of industries across the country as part of means to press home their demands.
Udemba-Jacob was quoted thus: “The hike in tariff as well as the astronomical increase in fixed charges in the face of estimated billing as against actual consumption is the order of the day. These the association considers unfair and worrisome. “MAN also viewed the wide disparity in the tariff charges and the fixed charges across the Discos as unfair and discriminatory, more so, when considered against the background that companies within the high rate tariff and fixed charges bracket are also competing with their counterparts in other zones as well as imports from outside the country.”
But, at the MAN’s Western Zone meeting, Sam Amadi, Chairman of NERC, who was represented by Babajide Taiwo in Ibadan Forum Office of NERC, assured that they will implement urgent and effective solutions to the problem identified by MAN in the electricity tariffs charged by DISCOS, saying that there would be acceptable solutions to the issue. “On the issue of new tariffs, the headquarters is already looking at it and I can assure you that within the next few days they will come out with solutions that will be acceptable to both parties. When the issues come up now, we need to find solutions that is why I am here. We have discussed and based on assurance I am getting from Abuja, I want to assure MAN that there will be smile at the end of the day.”
In his response, Dolapo Ogutuga, Vice National President, MAN, Western Zone, noted that the situation could spark off and worsen the country’s inflation rate if not urgently addressed, saying that cyclical effect of the action taken by NERC and DISCOs on hike and discrimatory electricity tariffs could worsen the economic situation in the country.

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