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NEMA Probe: Group Accuses Rep Committee Of Personal Vendetta

The Coalition for Good Governance’s (CGG) Executive Director, has accused the Hon. Isa led House of Representatives Committee investigating alleged corruption at the National Emergency Agency Management (NEMA) of engaging in “diversionary persecution” of the Director –General of the agency.

Addressing journalists in Abuja, executive director of CGG, Mrs Jaiyeole Mohammed described the House members as “self-seeking and egocentric leaders”

She wondered why the House Committee despite the overwhelming evidence provided the EFCC which indicted the former DG of the agency, and the directors, has devoted all its energy and wisdom in probing the tenure of Engr. Maihaja, while the indicted, suspended, but reinstated directors by the order of the House of Reps are still in custody of files containing critical documents that would aid EFCC investigation into the fraud.

She said, “The twist is why would the House of Representatives take over a case being handled by the EFCC, the agency lawfully vested with the powers to prosecute persons involved in financial crimes?

Equally disturbing is why the House committee has overlooked or abandoned a glaring case to concentrate its probe on the vague case against the NEMA boss? what is the motivation that has informed this suspect decision?”

“Therefore, we feel it is nothing rather than to execute its vindictive mission against President Muhammedu Buhari, by nailing his appointees. So, in the pursuit of this agenda, the House Committee has cooked up frivolous allegations against the current NEMA boss, Engr. Maihaja, claiming he abused due process in some contracts awarded by the agency, running into billions of naira.”

She said though the probe by the House Committee on the NEMA boss has continued, but unfortunately, it has found nothing concrete or incriminating to nail the current NEMA boss.

According to her, the Hon. Isa led House committee has also ignored petitions by Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) drawing its attention to the pending alleged fraud case against the former NEMA DG and the directors.

She said, “Unfortunately though, the House Committee has turned unbearable heat and pressure on the current NEMA DG, Engr. Maihaja to the extent of threatening to arrest the DG, who on two occasions, could not honour the committee’s invitations, because of pressing official engagements, but deemed it necessary to send representatives while he was on official visit to Benue and other states.”

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