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National Assembly may derail APC government – legal expert


The National Assembly may derail the President Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressives Congress (APC) government if recent actions and decision of the legislative body are taken into consideration.
This is the view of a former Chairman of Ikeja Branch of the Nigerian Bar association (NBA) Barrister Tony Ubani in an interview with Daily Times on the state of the nation.
The Senate recently came under public condemnation over its decision to amend the Code of Conduct Bureau Act and the passing of the 2016 appropriation Bill to President Muhammadu Buhari without details.
Ubani observed that the present crop of legislators were self serving and only after their personal interest, adding that most of the legislators do not share the APC ideology.
He said: “The Arm of government that may bring dispute to the APC government is the legislature, look at the budget, how they want the president to sign the budget without seeing details and now they want to amend the Code of Conduct Bureau Act in their favour; if care is not taken, the legislature would derail this government”.

According to him, “They are suffering from the merger effect, don’t forget that people came from different parties and background without a clear ideology; there  is no maturity shown in the way they run public affairs and most of them are after their personal interest and it is like that interest have overrode the public interest”.

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