NAMA to reintroduce pay as you go for airlines over debts —

NAMA to reintroduce pay as you go for airlines over debts


By Chukwuemeke Iwelunmo

Following the huge debts owed the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA), by the airlines, the agency says it will reintroduce the ‘Pay As You Go’ system to reduce their debts.

The managing director of NAMA Capt Fola Akinkuotu who disclosed this in an interview said the reintroduction of pay as you go was being considered following the huge debts owed the agency by various airlines.

Akinkuotu explained that debtor airlines were already complaining of the effect of COVID-19 on their operations but failed to realize that the debts were incurred a long time ago. “The debtors are complaining that there is no traffic.

Now, these are people owing when there was traffic, and at that time, they always told us that it is the money they are paying us is what is not making them successful.

So, when things were going well, they didn’t pay, now that they are just coming out” According to Akinkuotu, not only airlines were owing to the agency but other customers and that those owing will be asked to adopt a pay as you go adding that those that cannot service their old debts should not increase their debts.

“I have to be able to earn money to meet my obligations. So one way to do it is to easily tell people to “pay as you go.”

There are airlines or customers that we will have to apply “pay as you go”. There are some we will tell if you cannot service your old debt but don’t increase it.

The challenge sometimes is that not all the people that owe us or entities that owe us are airlines”

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The NAMA boss explained that the agency also provides services to airports that were not Federal Government airports as they have agreements and MoU that they should pay NAMA.

Akinkuotu revealed that NAMA has a lot of responsibilities just like the airlines and urged them to pay their debts to enable the agency meet its obligations On the payment of salaries, the NAMA boss said, the agency has been very prudent in its finances in the past six months as sacrifices were made by them adding, that they have sued for understanding on their creditors.

Akinkuotu emphasized that amid the negative impact of the COVID-19, that NAMA will continue to uphold safety as it will never be compromised saying that maintenance was at its ebb.

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