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Nahco Aviance MD/CEO quits Aug’ 31

Says unwilling to sue Sahara reporters over N700m fraud allegation

The Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc has announced the resignation of its Managing Director, chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Nobert Bilderman.
but however failed to comment on Daily Times inquiry on state of fraud allegation case on the outgoing MD.

A statement, signed by Bello Abdullahi, of Dikko & Mahmoud, Solicitors & advocates, the company’s secretary, released on Monday, by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), said, “Mr. Nobert Bilderman has resigned from the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc as the managing Director, Chief Executive Officer with effect from 31 August, 2017; and has proceeded on terminal leave with effect from 7th August.”

Nahco announced that following the MD’s resignation, its board of directors appointed Mrs. Folashade Ode as Acting Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer with effect from 7th August, 2017.
Meanwhile, prior to the resignation of the company’s CEO, an online news portal , Sahara Reporters has reported fraud allegation in the company, of which Nacho Aviance refuted and threatened to drag Saharareporters to court if it fails to retract the story.

In a telephone interview with Nacho’s Corporate Communication’s Manager, Mr. Tayo Ajakaiye, he told Daily Times Nigeria that Nahco no intention of dragging Saharareporters to court over NN700 million and other fraud allegation stories.

Daily Times had earlier in a news report on 24th May, titled,” Nahco may sue Sahara reporters over N700m fraud allegation, refutes report,” that the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO AVIANCE) Plc may soon drag Sahara reporters to court over allegation of publishing falsehood.

Daily Times Nigeria then leant learnt via telephone chart with a top official of the company that documentations were on going to perfect legal suit against Sahara reporters, just as the publishing outfit has for over one month, failed to retract the publication or effect a rejoinder to the story.

NACHO said that Sahara Reporters published an unverified N700 million fraud story against the company, capable of eroding investors’ confidence and Directors credibility, hence it was seen as attempt to tarnish the image of NACHO directors and to sabotage the company.
‘It is not true that the board is planning to re-introduce the Management Services Agreement (MSA), which was terminated, in the first place by the board in 2016, on the recommendation of the governance, compliance committee of the board.

The Nigerian Aviation Handling company (NAHCO) Plc in a statement dated, 19th May; and signed by signed by Tayo Ajakaye, manager, corporate communications and services, refuting the Sahara Reporters publication said “the Nigerian aviation handling company Plc (Nacho Aviance) wishes to express its displeasure over the report titled “ fraud revealed in Nacho as board prepares to share N700million, seeks another N155 million for foreign training published on the website of Sahara Reporters on 19 April, 2017.”

The statement titled Re “Fraud revealed in Nacho as board prepares to share N700 million, seeks another N155 million for foreign training” noted that “This rejoinder was sent to Sahara Reporters in April 27, 2017 but it was not published, hence this publication in alternative medium”

NAHCO said in the statement that it was not contacted for its input in the story, before going to the press, a standard required for professional journalism practice.
“Again, the allegations that the board plans to spend N155 million on foreign training of Directors during 2017, is absolute falsehood. We have mandatory and legal obligations to train the employees and directors of the company on continuous basis and as a company that strives for excellence through constant innovation.

“We recall that on November 7, 2016, Sahara reporters published another false story on NACHO, that the MD, CEO of the company, Mr. Nobert Bilderman, had been sacked by the board of directors on account of fraud. Sahara Reporters in its characteristic arrogance has not deemed it necessary to apologize to the company for the embarrassment caused by the report, or even the general public for feeding it with such falsehood”

As it was found that Sahara was not forthcoming in refuting the story, it was believed that the court case must have attained advanced hearing level, seven months after the threat was issued.







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