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N-Power Pledges Support for Artisans

Isaac Oguntoye

Saying that thousands of Nigerian artisans have abandoned their original trade or vocation is like stating the obvious.

Some of them blame this on low patronage as many would prefer to give the job to the big companies who will look for cheap labour among the artisans.

Prior to that, some ventured into commercial motorcycle operations.

Few resorted to illicit rent collection on every land transaction in neighbourhoods. Others joined the league of social deviants, picking pockets among crowds and forcing commercial drivers to part with some cash.

Meanwhile, N-Power a programme that was established with the aim of fostering economic growth and social development in Nigeria have step up their game not only to support but also to train and nurture artisans into getting their dream job.

This initiative that kicked started few days ago in various centres all over the country had top professionals in attendance who motivate, trained and encourage artisans.

According to Builder Shoyebi Samson, the Managing Director, Honeytrade Academy, “We’re doing this training in partnership with N-power and office of the Vice President.

The enssence of this is to ensure competence with artisanship like craftsman, craftswoman, craftsperson, skilled worker. We expect Nigerians who actualized these trades on a daily basis to achieve some level of competence.

If we’re are saying that, we’re looking at our society as a developmental society, what level of competence do people who are going to actualized this developmental activities have?

A lot of carpenter can rarely say what their field is all about. They don’t even have any level of competence or certification to back it up.

So, this training is an upskilling training that will afford them the opportunity to up their skills. Its an opportunity for them to learn new thing and give them strategies on how to market themselves in the industry.

These Upskiller are coming into the market to set the pace for the Nigeria market in construction artisanship.”

Explaining further, he said “In this centre, we have over one hundred and fifty trainees and they’ve been thought how to market themselves and how to present themselve to client.”

Also speaking at the event was, Builder, Adelaja Adekanbi, the chairman, Nigeria Institute of Building Lagos State charpter who said the initiative is meant to set a standard and promote quality among artisan saying “Like we all know, the N-power is the baby of President Mohammad Buhari and it is in two faces.

The first one is for those who have no power knowledge and the second is N-power upskilling which is for those who have one skill or the other but need to perfect their skill and seek for more support.

So, today we are engaging those who have the skill but lack the standard. We are here to reframe and update them on way to practice their trade without hindrance.

The program have started three days ago and we have centre in different part of the country.” Adekanbi concluded.