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N. Korea vows to complete nuclear program, condemns UN sanctions


As North Korea’s president, Kim Jong Un vows to complete North Korea’s nuclear programme, he has labelled United nation’s sanction on the country as inhuman and aimed at exterminating his people.
This is coming as diplomatic situation continues to escalate and German’s foreign minister calls for direct talks between the US, China and Russia.
A UN General Assembly meeting on Tuesday, is expected to place North Korea’s nuclear threat high on the agenda.
Meanwhile, according to agency reports, the North Korean leader described the UN sanctions as “vicious, unethical and inhumane act of hostility” aimed to “physically exterminate” its people.
North Korea termed increased UN sanctions a “hostile act”, committed with the intention to “physically exterminate” its citizens.
In response to new sanctions – imposed after the country’s sixth and most powerful nuclear test – the state has said it will now accelerate its nuclear programme.
A foreign ministry spokesman for the North called the sanctions “the most vicious, unethical and inhumane act of hostility”, intended “to physically exterminate the people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)”.
Fresh measures including banning textile imports and capping petrol supply, were unanimously imposed by the UN Security Council against Pyongyang last week.

The mandate came after North Korea successfully fired a Hwasong-12 intermediate-range ballistic missile over Japan at the beginning of September, in defiance of existing sanctions.
However, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has previously said diplomacy and dialogue will not work with Pyongyang, calling for the entire international community to apply more pressure.
The fear remains that Kim Jong Un may soon develop the ability to target the US and some countries with a powerful, nuclear-tipped missile.

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