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My key mandate in House of Reps is to make Ajegunle youths more useful to themselves – Taiwo

Former Deputy Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly and House of Representatives member-elect, Hon. Kolawole Taiwo has affirmed his resolve to transform his constituency and constituents, through quality representation immediately after his inauguration.

Taiwo who is to represent Ajeromi/Ifelodun Federal Constituency in the lower chamber of the National Assembly, has made a clear sketch of the structural needs of his constituency to include; prompt tackling of the drainage problems in the three divisions of the constituency,

re-orientation of the mindsets of the youths in the area of model selection shift through purposeful engagement and direct emancipation of the constituents through empowerment programmes that have thorough impact on the lives of the people

Ajegunle is divided into three parts, the Olodi/Wilmer side is the outlet, I inspected all these areas during my campaign, they took me round and I have a firsthand view of the problem, especially the customs yard which I am going to take up once I am inaugurated.

“They have the culvert blocking the major outlet of water into the street and instead of them to do a box culvert, they did a ring culvert, it is not good for us.

“I spoke with them and told them I am going to remove this if I win and I have won, we are going to remove it,

because in the process of trying to save the flow they now block a section of it again with some iron blockage and that one gather dirt and prevent flow of water which directly affects our roads.

“One of the best layout we have in Ajegunle is that of the Olodi and Wilmer.

“Imagine the drainage is good and you are on that road you see the road very straight and so beautiful, but most of the roads are bad and I know we are going to attract a quick fix for that.

“I am going to meet the woman immediately we resume, I am going to do a lot of visitations, I am a trained legislator, we do a lot of work in the house and I know the National Assembly is different from the state assemblies, we still need to learn some of their moves, but the outside contact is the same.

“In Apapa we allowed heavy trucks to ply our roads they have damaged most of our roads, many of which are made for small vehicles not big trucks, but because of what we permitted in Apapa by allowing them on our roads they are in deplorable shape.

“We will use that to solve those problems, because I am aware we need to put in so much for the people to know the difference between our government and the previous government.”

According to Hon. Taiwo (HKT) in an interview session with selected mediums, the youths in Ajeromi had been exposed to all forms of misnomers taken from the street, so decisive action need be taken to save them from cultism and all other social vices.

“I also raised these issues during my campaign about our children picking wrong models, if there is one area that anything from the street would affect, that area is Ajegunle, because we are always on the streets, our own life is on the streets.

“I was discussing with one of our council chairman and said why can’t you build a mall like Ikeja mall, where our children will now be, they will not be living on the street again but in the mall, we will take them out of the streets to the malls because now the street is dangerous.

“The bricklayers, carpenters, mechanics are now cultist and our youths pick this wrong model from there.

“They pick wrong models and it is giving us problems, that is why I talked about building a youth centre, we want to have a platform where we can bring people that have passed through Ajeromi who are good to be role models to come and sensitise our youths.”

The thorough bred legislator also harped on the importance of having a functional stadium in Ajeromi/Ifelodun

“The two previous government have tried, they were unable to deliver, I know I am going to persuade the governor- elect about the Maracana stadium, we have the site, we are ready to go,

let them give us and we are going to return it positively, we are going to use it to remove most of our youths from the street.

“I am the pillar of sport in Ajeromi, I am always proud to say it, I told my people, boxing is back.

Our boxing competition would be revived and we would make it to be under HKT foundation now, therefore it is not going to sink with politics because we must do everything to remove the youths from the street.

“Overseas they use sports, most of their sport’s women and men over there made their millions when they are young, therefore they had no reasons to be wayward rather they focus on improving themselves. We are going to use sport because we are gifted,” he said.