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My coming music concert will bring the whole world to Abuja- Jennifer Eliogu

…Says Nollywood still big business
Veteran actress and Nollywood superstar Jennifer Eliogu says her up-coming music concert slated for this Sunday 18th November, 2018 will shake Abuja entertainment community as many top comedians and musicians are billed to trill the audience at the show at the Congress Hall of the prestigious Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja.

Jennifer who has in the past ten years combined her first-rate acting roles with music says she wants to give Nigerians something different from the ordinary in order to activate their Christmas mode.

“I am coming with a bang, something that has never been done in Nigeria’s music shows. It would be a combination of beauty, music, art, comedy and dance.

It is going to be a show for the matured mind yet, there are spices for the boys and girls, a sort of all generations’ show; and I am bringing Shola Shobowale, Paul Play, Dike Chukwumereije, Ali Baba and many others to thrill the audience.?” she told Daily Times in an exclusive interview.

The actress who said she is still fully in Nollywood as evidenced by her recording of 17 movies this year alone said however that music was her first love, from the word, go. “My first love is music.

I grew up wishing I was a musician. Even while making waves in Nollywwod, I knew I was going to do music because the songs were in there, and they kept urging me to let them out,” she said, adjusting the long hairs and her obviously beautiful face.

“My music is Afro-Jazz. They are romantic and yet inspirational as most times they are used as vehicles to glorify God while expressing the inner me, my dreams, my aspirations and my feelings. I play music for the soul that tells stories of life’s realities.”

“I now operate under the umbrella of ‘The Silk Project’ an entertainment company that galvanizes and drive my businesses encompassing acting, music, fashion and beauty among others.

I write my scripts to tell my story, from my perspectives and also produce my music. My kind of music is for me, to find my niche. My songs are evergreen. So I want people to digest my songs and meditate with them,” Jennifer said.

According to the Diva entertainment, one other thing that gives her joy apart from acting and playing music is speaking to people, especially young people about life and their future.

“Over the years, I do a lot of talking, attending youth summits, interacting with prison inmates and the physically challenged as a way of passing the message of hope and letting them know that it is possible, no matter where you find yourself.”

Asked if is true that Nollywood is in distress and therefore the reason why most actors and actresses are diverting into other areas of life, Jennifer said Nollywood is still a destination for success.

“Nollywood is not in distress. There are still huge opportunities in Nollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Nollywood is still big and our movies are quite better than most of the foreign movies that our people are dying for because what they are watching here, I don’t want to mention names, but most of them are junk and fake.

Those foreign movies do not represent the actual life of the citizens of the countries where they are made. It is just in the character of some of our people to love things that are foreign.

But when you go to some other countries of the world, you will marvel at the way our indigenous movies are appreciated,” she explained, with a visible feeing of proudly Nigerian.

The question of sexual harassment in Nollywood, Jennifer said it was an interesting topic she would like to speak on.

“I cannot say sexual harassment does not exist in the industry. But it is both exaggerated and avoidable because most of the victims are the ones that put themselves in precarious situations due to desperation.

I have seen young girls going for reading wearing scanty clothes. You must understand that everyone who sits the other side thinks you are suggesting something when you appear desperate. Some of our young girls who come to the industry are not patient.

They want to be on A-List and become stars overnight. Yes, it is possible. But there is the issue of longevity and success also.

“To be successful in Nollywood as in most other parts of life, you need character and consistency. Some of them are very arrogant. When you come, you have to be calm, listen, learn more and talk less.

Be sure of your talent and don’t rush because the sky is big enough for all birds to fly. Think of the home you come from. It is true that the industry throws a lot of stardom but if you are careless, you could be thrown by the way side.

Believe in yourself and trust in God, slowly but steadily to excel. If it didn’t work for you, then you move on with your life because not everyone is destined to be a star through acting.” She went on, philosophically.

On what to do to help the industry grow bigger, Jennifer said government needs to get involved for real. “The entertainment industry is growing.

It is providing jobs for many with a potential to employ millions of citizens but government needs to its acts together concerning the industry because government for now is not doing enough. Distribution is still a big issue.

Up till now we not have entertainment village as you have in most other countries of the world. What we have here is just land and promises. There are movies been churned out in dozens but government has a role to play,” she concluded.

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