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Must have for men

Just as females have their fashion accessories that help ameliorate their outfits, men also do have theirs. Men fashion accessories give them a bold and manly look. Although, people believe men don’t need much at least a bit. The content of a man’s wardrobe separates a real man from the rest. Fashion accessories like belt, wrist watch, footwear, eyewear, wallet, tie, hat, scarf, messenger bag, socks, tie clip and cufflink should be in every man’s wardrobe. These fashion accessories listed above helps a man define himself through his dressing and how he selects these fashion accessories matters. Every man should be confident to rock fashion accessories. Your accessory can make you look smart, cool, sharp, casual or formal, depending on your style.

Here are few men accessories that would boost a man’s style and confidence:

  1. Footwear: They are often neglected by men and that does not speak well. A gentleman showing up at a business meeting should know the right kind of shoe to wear. Appropriate-fitting footwear is important in man’s dressing. You should get ready to pay significant amount of money for a classic footwear. A nice quality footwear would last you and would only cost you cleaning to keep the look.
  2. Wristwatch: Watches comes in different sizes and styles. It is one major hand piece every man should have. A wristwatch should fit properly to your wrist to appear comfortable not sloppy. It should never be worn loose or too tightly. Make sure your wristwatch matches the occasion. Don’t wear a sport watch for a business meeting. Match your shoes and belt to your watch band, don’t wear a black band on brown shoes. You could buy multiple Banda for your watch to change.
  3. Belt: A good belt that would look right on you should be gotten. It should feel tight enough to keep your trousers up but not too tight that you can’t breathe or walk properly. Belt will keep you looking smart and will keep you from pulling up your pants every now and then. Remember, your belt should match with your shoes but it is not necessary if you are putting on a sneakers. Also, make sure your belt looks neat and not ratty.
  4. Wallet: A wallet keeps a man organized. Having a place to put your cards, money and a few things is better than littering your pocket. A slim wallet is stylish and won’t bulge under your clothes. Your wallet should not be filled with unnecessary things that would make it look bad. Your wallet could contain cash, identification, credit card and business cards. Things like receipt, library card, discount card and some unnecessary things should be not be kept in the wallet to keep it neat.
  5. Socks: For business look, the colour of your socks should match with the colour of your trousers. If it is a blue trousers, it should be blue socks. If you are not in a formal setting, you have the option of wearing a coloured socks if you want to. Coloured socks could be worn to liven up a simple outfit. Make sure your socks do not have holes or visible stains. They are an important part of a man’s clothing.
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