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Some must eat African dishes

Nigeria and all other African countries are well known for delicious dishes.
These foods, apart from being highly nutritious and alluring for Africans across the continent, they are also highly attractive to foreign tourists as well.

Indeed, Africa is filled with a wide array of amazing cuisine.
There are plenty of options: from spicy to sweet and meat-filled dishes. But African food is still woefully under-represented on the world culinary scene.
This article focuses on dishes that you might enjoy in some popular destinations.

1. Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is one of the most adored western African dishes. Like many popular foods, there is no one way to make it and that leads to a huge debate as to who or even what region makes the best jollof rice.

Typically it’s made with rice, tomatoes, tomato paste, and numerous meats, spices, and vegetables. Jollof rice is usually reserved for festive celebrations, but since it’s so unanimously delicious, there’s no limit to when it can be made.
Nigerians, Ghanaians, and so many other countries stand firmly by their variations and would fight anything different.

2. Fufu/foo-foofoufou, or foutou

This dish is popular across western and central Africa. In eastern Africa, a similar dish is ugali and southern Africa’s take on it is known as sadza.

It is often made in the traditional Ghanaian and Nigerian method by mixing and pounding separate equal portions of cassava and green plantain flour thoroughly with water.

3. Bobotie

The national dish of South Africa, bobotie is a sweet and spicy dish that consists of curried minced meat and is baked with fruit (like raisins) and a creamy, egg-based topping.

4. Piri Piri chicken

Originating from Mozambique, this cuisine is a sweet blend of African, Portuguese, oriental and Arab flavours.
It is often made with fragrant spices, hot piri piri and creamy coconut sauces, with hints of cashews and peanuts.

4. Pilau Rice
Pilau rice is the fragrantly amazing East African rice with Indian influence through the spices. Through centuries of trade with the East, pilau has become a traditional Tanzanian and Zanzibari dish of choice.
In some cases, the rice may attain its brown or golden colour by first being sauteed lightly in oil before the addition of broth.

5. Cassava Leaves

Popular in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, the cassava leaves are pounded and cooked with meats, fish, water (or coconut milk), and other ingredients depending on the region and recipe

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