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MUSON hosts Oparamanuike’s Don Pasquale

WATCHING classical music performance is an elitist pastime, you may quarrel with that reality, but, it is the truth, no wonder that it is often called the ‘Music of the Masters’.
For  those who love classical music, there is no need to travel to watch the New York Philharmonic  Orchestra or travel to Germany to see the Baroque or Berlin Opera house performance. The reason is that, right there in Lagos, a big performance holdstomorrow at the Agip Recital Hall,  MUSON Centre Onikan, Lagos.
Joseph Oparamanuike, (a.k.a. Mr. Tenor) and his group will take the audience through the best of classical music presentation. The singer who just returned from Scotland,  where he also finished his Master’s programme in Classical Music, says the evening will  be memorable. Beginning from  5pm, the performance will see the launch of Oparamanuike’s new opera group, Comic Opera House (COH), which is an educative and performance platform for music, drama, etc.
Highlight of tomorrow’s event would be the performance by opera Don Pasquale by Donizetti.
The performance will feature Kenneth Ekhuemelo as Don Pasquale,  Oparamanuike as Ernesto, Geneviève Ogu as Norina and Michael Amadi as Dr. Malatesta. Oparamanuike’s Don Pasquale by Donizetti, which is  drawn from medieval Roman opera, revolves around trust and betrayal in marriage, involving two characters. The performance, that had won awards for its remarkable societal lessons has three acts.
Act One is about Rome in the mid-19th century. The old bachelor, Don Pasquale, plans to marry, in order to punish his rebellious nephew, Ernesto, who is in love with the young widow, Norina. Pasquale wants an heir so he can cut the young man off without a penny. He consults Dr. Malatesta, who suggests, as a bride, his own beautiful younger sister.
Feeling rejuvenated, the delighted Pasquale asks Malatesta to arrange a meeting at once. Ernesto arrives and again refuses to marry a woman of his uncle’s choice. Pasquale tells him that he would have to leave the house, then announces his own marriage plans to his astonished nephew. With no inheritance, Ernesto sees his dreams evaporating. To make matters worse, he learns that his friend Malatesta has arranged Pasquale’s marriage.
Those who know music do not fail to notice Oparamanuike’s prowess in classical music concerts, orchestra and performance sessions. He is an engaging tenor singer. His performance and stage art distinguish him as a roundly gifted artiste with a mastery of the vocal chords.
His ability in rendering the composition of such masters as Mozart, Bach, Handel, and Beethoven marks him out. Oparamanuike said everything had been put in place to give his fans the best of good classical music.

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