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Music Review: Adekunle Gold goes in search of mysterious woman

Adekunle Gold returns with his first single after leaving YBNL and the song is titled Call on me.

The video Portrays Adekunle Gold searching for a mysterious lady interest in Los Angeles. Call on me was actually produced by Pheelz and it had a good background.

Adekunle Gold has really made good hits when he was still under YBNL and now he has proven to us that even on his own he can really bring good hit. “Call On Me” starts off with Simi’s inimitable voice crooning softly in the background – before transitioning rather smoothly into Adekunle Gold’s very solid verse.

On the catchy song, Adekunle continues his winning trend of singing about the different facets of being in love – this time tackling the pressure we tend to feel to change ourselves for someone we love.

The gorgeous music video, which was directed by Moyo Oyelola, follows Adekunle Gold as he basically stalks a woman he spots on the streets of California.

Call on me seriously is different from other songs Adekunle Gold has released, the way he sang it and the way Pheelz Mr. Producer produce it. The way the lady moves without Adekunle Gold seeing her just her shadow, the way he searched for her entering anywhere he sees her shadow really made it interesting.

In this video, Adekunle Gold did what he has never done in his other videos that is the club dance involving guys and ladies dancing in a club while he was busy searching for the lady whose shadow he has been seeing. Adekunle Gold really nailed it in this music/video.

The end part was great, because when he got tired of searching for her, she entered the club he was resting and he was happy to finally see her. It really was amazing and full of suspense. Colourful and extremely good is what this video carries.

Call on me was released on July 31, 2017 and has really made it big in the music industry. It already had 199,746 views, and it lasted for 3minutes 34seconds. Adekunle Gold had this cool way with his dress code and cool moves in this video. The way the beat changes from cool to a dancing beat made it more interesting. Nice chorus and great lyrics, and Simi’s voice in the background made it so cool.

This is one love song that will always get on a repeating mode, with the clean beautiful city of L.A. The video gets a 10/10.

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