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Models Now Tie Weights to Their Hair to Make Minimum Weight Requirements

Even though countries like France, Spain, Israel, and Italy have banned too skinny models from  walking the runway, saying they promote eating disorders to the general public and even imposing fines on companies that hire models who go under a certain body mass index, it seems some models are going to extremes to get around the new laws. Nowadays, some models have resorted to wearing spanx underwear stuffed with weighted sandbags so the thinnest of girls appears to have a healthy weight on the scales. Others now put weights in their hair to appear relatively healthy  Some models say the pressure to weigh a certain amount is unfair, as many of them are naturally thin and young, with fast metabolisms. Plus, the BMI measurement can sometimes backfire, since one can be technically overweight or underweight on that scale and still be healthy. They argue that bodies naturally come in all shapes and sizes, thin and otherwise.

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