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Mixed reactions greet Ice Prince's son's party photos

If TV/radio personality, Sammy Walsh had known the support, most especially the insults that would follow her innocent show of affection towards Ice Prince’s son, Jamal during his 3rd year gig, maybe she would have kept her kisses to herself.
Sammy Walsh was at Ice Prince’s son, Jamal’s birthday on Sunday, March 1, and took a picture presently being tagged as ‘molesting’ on social media.
Walsh has kissed Jamal directly on the lips, an action which generated a heat, with many torn apart in their opinions about the kiss.
While some tagged it as “child abuse”, others said they saw nothing wrong with what Walsh did.
“Nothing wrong. He’s a kid,” Emmanuel Echo had said.
Zoe said…There is nothing wrong with it. People with their negative thought. The little boy is just 3yrs, I still kiss my sis daughter that is 8″.
On the other side, some ‘dragged Walsh by her hair’, saying she had no right to have kissed the innocent boy on his lips.
Micheal said…”if she is not related, she has no business French kissing and sexually molesting d innocent child! It’s Pedophilism. She should be charged!
Corroborating Michael, Alabekee said, “as for me, I won’t allow my little baby to lock lips with an adult in this manner.”
Reacting to the outburst, Life & Times pus a call across to Ice Prince who also confirmed that he saw nothing wrong with Walsh kissing his son.
Jamal is just a kid and Walsh has been a very good friend of mine. Walsh has also been really close with Jamal, more like an aunty. That’s why Jamal felt safe to allow her kiss him, otherwise, Jamal doesn’t allow everyone kiss him like that. Besides, the kiss isn’t a deep one. It’s a friendly kiss so, I don’t see why such should cause an uproar. Let’s not forget, I shared that picture on my Twitter page.” he said.
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