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Miss Bumbum Runner-Up In Intensive Care After Butt Implant Gets Infected

Just weeks after Brazil’s Miss BumBum runner-up spoke of how plastic surgery ended her in intensive care with rotting legs, the model has been rushed back into hospital. Now doctors are  fearing that they would have to amputate her leg when hydrogel and PMMA fillers she had injected into her behind began rotting her muscles.
The 27-year-old spoke of her relief as she left hospital, but now she has been rushed back as an infection caused by the implant in her left buttock became inflamed.
Miss Urach, speaking from her hospital bed she told UK mirror: “I am suffering a lot, but God is with me.
“It’s my fault, my vanity made me push the limits.
“Thanks to God I no longer need my body to work, now I work with honour and can sustain my family like that.
“I prefer to have legs and be able to walk and lose half a buttock than to die.”
The model, who controversially claimed she slept with Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo, has reportedly undergone at least nine cosmetic procedures in the past five years.
She came second in Brazil’s Miss BumBum competition in 2012.
Fellow contestant Jessica Lopes told UK Mirror last year: “Andressa and I would go to the plastic surgeon as if we were going shopping.
“Sometimes we would agree to do some procedure together, we were not afraid.
“We were slaves to beauty.”
During her last bout with issues connected to her implants, her mother Marisete De Favari, posting on the model’s Twitter account, asked her 220,000 fans to pray for her. She wrote:
“I would ask for prayers from friends and people who wish for the recovery of my daughter,’ she wrote on December 10.
“She’s starting to walk, put her foot down and sit. After all this time lying down, she expected it would be painful.
“She has been taking morphine since entering the hospital, but now they are taking the drugs away from her gradually.
“As she had sepsis, healing will be slow, because it has to happen in a natural way so that it is not subject to a new infection.
“This takes time and she is assisted by doctors all the time.
“She has had no contact with anyone but the doctors and her mother.”
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