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Milo Basketball: Refs Target National Finals

The annual Nestle Milo Secondary Schools Basketball Championship for the part 16years has continued to blaze the trail in creating a platform for Nigerian youths to express their sporting talent in the game and the consistency in organising the game annually by Nestle Milo no doubt also creates another platform for capacity building on the part of the referees.

As a major event in the nation’s basketball calendar players and officials look forward to it. At the Atlantic Conference in Benin City, Edo State, a group of basketball referees used to officiate matches in both boys and girls categories are looking up to the national finals.

As the Nestle Milo Championship develops players, the referees are also being exposed all the year round through the championship. A total of 8 referees are used at the Atlantic Conference.

An official of the National Collegiate Sports Foundation (NCSF) Alidu Mohammed said the referees’   performances in matches are commendable.

So, as the players battle for the title, the referees also battle to excel to be invited for the national finals in Lagos.

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