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Millions of Nigerians Suffering from Glaucoma

Several millions of Nigerians are said to be carrying on Glaucoma and needing urgent medical attention before their eyes are damaged.
This was the position of an optical expert, Dr. Mrs. Regina Morgan, Chief Consultant Ophthalmologist at the National Hospital Abuja, during a chat with the Daily Times.
Glaucoma is second to cataract in the cause of eye blindness globally.
According to Dr. Morgan, many Nigerians are unaware that they are affected by this eye disorder. Though the optical expert maintained that Glaucoma is in no way infectious, she however urged Nigerians to go regularly for eye check-ups.
Said she: “Contrary to some perception, glaucoma is not an infection. It is not infectious; it is an optic-neuropathic. It is not like Apollo which is infectious but glaucoma is not. Even if you share eye glasses with a sufferer of glaucoma, it does not mean it will translate to you.
“The problem is that most people do not know they have glaucoma. More and more people, especially those above 40 years old, need regular eye test at least once a year. Our emphasis is always on early detection.”
She also advised that rather than try to localise the treatment of glaucoma, patients should always consult an ophthalmologist for direction.

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