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Mercy Aigbe-Gentry: On keeping her home

Edo state born star actress and proud mother of two, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry is no doubt a household name in the movie making business. Not only is she an actress, she is also a movie producer as well. The fair skinned mother of two who also doubles as the CEO of MAG DIVAS, a fashion and beauty outlet is also one of the most sought after actress. The ‘Osas Omoge Benin’ star talks about her current project, work, family and sundry issues


What have you been up to lately?  

I have been up and doing, shuttling from one location to another, managing the affairs of my business and keeping my home as a wife and mother


What project are you currently working on?       

I am putting finishing touches to have my movie, Victims, shown in the cinema. It was directed by Imaseun Lancelot and it stars Nollywood’s best hands like Olu Jacobs, Juliet Ibrahim, Fathia Balogun, Saheed Balogun, Seun Akindele, Funsho Adeolu and a host of others. It is blockbuster movie and I am sure my fans and movie lovers will like it.


Is it a full length English movie?      

Not really. It is 40 per cent English and 60 per cent Yoruba. We had two scripts on set; Yoruba  and English. I am sure for Juliet Ibrahim, it was her first time of speaking Yoruba but because of the way the script was written, she did not have to speak much of Yoruba language.


Why the choice of Lancelot Imasuen?        

It is personal but basically because I have worked with him on several movie sets. One day I asked him if he will be willing to direct a Yoruba movie and he quickly accepted. It was a huge challenge for him but he overcame.


When do you hope to release the second part of Osas Omoge Benin?

Everybody keeps asking me but believe me sincerely, we are currently working on it. My fans should exercise patience and keep their fingers crossed as I promise that the wait will be worth the while . But for now my major focus is on my new movie which will be premiered in the UK, US and Nigeria.


Are you likely to make Osas Omoge Benin into a television series in the nearest future?        

I am working towards preparing to go on set for the part two of the movie and then we can take it up from there.


What inspired your fashion and beauty outfit MAG DIVAS?       

I will say my love for fashion because I love to look good and get compliments for looking good as well.


What is your take on actresses going into other ventures besides acting?        

It’s good if my colleagues are looking at investing in business ventures because pirates are gradually killing us and I want to implore the government to come to our aid, to enforce more laws so that the perpetrators do not go unpunished.


Will the issue of pirates stop you from making movies?

Honestly, it won’t but its killing creativity because when you invest so much in a movie and you don’t get much in returns at the end of the day and somebody out there is busy making  money off your sweat, it is frustrating.


How are you able to juggle being an actress, a movie producer, a wife and a mother and still come out unfazed?

It a lot of hard work but the lord has been faithful to me in all ramifications. I love my family so much that I don’t joke with them at all. I try as much as possible to manage my home front as a mother and a wife.


As a mother, will you encourage your daughter Michelle to take up acting as a career?        

Well whatever she insists on doing, I will be there to encourage and give all the necessary support but I don’t think she will want to be an actress because she is more on the reserved side .


Will you say you are enjoying every bit of motherhood?           

Yes I am because I have got the best husband whom I call my baby and my kids are just wonderful. They are my source of joy and inspiration. Let me say here also that I am more matured now in handling things the way it should be because I have also got a matured husband.


How do you relax when you are not working?

I spend quality time with my family. I take my two children out or I go somewhere exotic with my husband because I am romantic at heart. So, any time I am off work, I try to bond with them.

In one word how will you describe your husband?          

One word cannot describe him because he is my father, my love and more importantly my baby as I am fond of calling him. He is a caring and loveable person and the best thing that has ever happened to me.

What does style mean to you?        

Style simple means the ability to dress comfortably and still look sexy and nice. I believe the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. Also one thing about me is that I like to combine several colors of my choice and I when I storm red carpets, fans and friends are usually like; “Mercy you killed it with your outfit; thumbs up.” I strongly believe that the way we dress should go with your age bracket.


What is the secret to your youthful look? 

I take very good care of myself. I drink lots of water at the right time. I eat a lot of vegetables and I try as much as possible to stay away from foods with high calories. Once its 6pm, I don’t take any meal. I also pamper myself. Once in two weeks I go for my facials, massage, and body exfoliation. Even without make-up I still look good and fabulous.


What is your view about aging because I want to believe you look younger than your age? 

I think you should age gracefully as you are expected to glide into it. I am not afraid of aging but so many people are because they are afraid they may not have the will power to continue to look stylish. I am going to shine till I die because I don’t believe in getting old before I fade out. When you see my mother, then you will appreciate nature because she looks younger than her present age.

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  1. J. A. Adetola-Ogunkoya J. A. Adetola-Ogunkoya December 22, 2015

    Respect to peoples opinion. But our mothers of my age kept their body Natural from head to toe, they do all their makeup natural thats why their body remained firm, no early lost of hairs, no silicon etc. (In as much i appreaciate mordern things) is not compaired with the new generation and women who doesnt want to get old. Practicaly they´ve applied every possible cusmetics treatment to their body…now they stick baby dull air to their eyelids…. my opinion some makeup makes them look good but a lot of…our Wives, sister, daughter even some mother (with all respect to your opinion) just follow the trend without checking if the outcome fits them…too much heavy makeup can never make anyone to look fine,…It becomes MASK U RADE, my definition it rade away the face and mask U.
    All beauticians should invent more better method that will sooth our women´ s skin,…AFRICA we are beautiful….RESPECT

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