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Men Reveal The Secrets They Don’t Want Women To Know

It is no secret that even in the modern, gender neutral world we live in, there are certain qualities and attributes that clearly separate the men from the women. After millennials of living in (slight) harmony, there is still so much that we don’t understand about each other. Whether that is because some things are better left unsaid, or that it could ruin some serious flirt-game is yet to be discovered. Nonetheless, like there are things woman won’t reveal to men; these dark, dirty secrets that men didn’t want us to know are just as scandalous.

There is something about diving into a mans mind that makes us feel powerful- and also immensely offended if we’re being honest- and gives us the opportunity to once again try to decipher why they do the things they do. Will there ever be a time when man and woman and genuinely understand each others minds? Probably not. But that didn’t stop us from diving head first down the exciting and terrifying whirlwind of males exclusivity.

Although these revelations aren’t going to be too shocking to those who have ever met any kind of typical man ever, it is still a wild ride down to the ugly truth.

  1. He Prefers When You Put Effort Into Your Look

It is in a man’s primitive nature to be able to brag about his woman. He understands that everyone wants what they can’t have- so when your man has the opportunity to show off his girl to those who can’t take you home at the end of the night, you best believe that he will. Speaking in shallow terms, this definitely works better when you look your best. Although he accepts and adores you for who you are, seeing you dressed to the nines and rocking your look with confidence is what he worships most. It is that wild, physical attraction that gives a man drive, so don’t be surprised if he shows more affection towards you when you’ve chosen an outfit other than track-pants and a baggy shirt.

  1. The First Thing He Noticed Was Way South Of Where Your Eyes Are

Contrary to what he would like you to believe, it wasn’t those sparkling eyes of yours that caught his attention. That’s just his instincts kicking in to ensure you he isn’t a sleaze. What can we say? Boys will be boys- and there is nothing they love seeing more than those deadly curves on a rocking body. However, this isn’t saying that he didn’t fall for your other features. During introductions, it really could have been your wicked smile or flirtatious eyes that held onto his intrigue. You could have done your hair perfectly and spent hours perfecting that winged liner. But at the end of the day, the eyes want what they want- and in most cases, a man’s eyes have a natural flare for a stunning silhouette.

  1. Intoxicated Women Are Unattractive

This one won’t be a surprise to most, but it is still a common silent pet-hate to any man with standards. Harsh, but true. We have all been there, though. Those nights when you’re out with your girls and want to let your hair down just a little bit. A few tequila sunrise jugs down and you feel as though you could conquer the world! And with that, comes some tremendous flirting skills you never knew you had- however, those talents will go to waste more times than not. Men don’t find intoxication attractive! When a woman loses her composure, or has a smudge of lipstick casing the side of her face, it sends off red flags to men that can be perceived as messy and reckless in the worst way.

  1. Too Much Makeup Is A Turn Off

Sometimes we have a tendency to go a little over the top with our hair and makeup when a special event arises. It feels good to be a little dressed up, plumping lips and sticking on eyelashes that could blow us away if the wind is strong enough. For us, it’s a trend that we do to make ourselves feel hot as hell- yet, for the majority of males, it gives the opposite effect. Too much makeup is a turn off. Whether it’s because they can’t see your natural beauty through it all, they misconstrue it as a self-confidence issue or, putting it simply, you resemble a clown. Either way, sometimes the best way to impress a man is to keep your makeup minimal. Showing men you’re confident enough to go natural in a world of eccentricity is the sexiest move.

  1. “She’s Like One Of The Guys” Is The Friend-zone

When a man introduces you to his friends as “one of the guys”, most of the time what he really means is “She’s a friend” or “she can hang”. Now, this isn’t always the case. If you have been dating for a while and his friends knew you as the girlfriend first, being called one of the guys can be taken as a compliment. He’s comfortable enough to chill with you and his friends without feeling as though he needs to put his masculinity at risk. However, first introductions are crucial. If a man wanted his friends to know what you meant to him, he’d introduce you as his girl, or at the very least, someone he’s been seeing. If you’re being introduced as “one of the guys”, sorry honey- this is the male equivalent of the friend-zone.

  1. Somebody Else Turns Him On

It’s no secret that when talking stereotypes, men have a libido that skyrockets far beyond women. Intimacy plays a vital role in any relationship, whether it’s a casual fling or something deeper. However, although it is a hard truth to swallow, sometimes the attention he is giving you doesn’t derive from something you have said or done. Men will never tell you, but there will be times when he wants to fool around simply because somebody else turned him on. It could be a woman jogging passed without a solid sports bra, or an attractive actress on television. Really, it could be a picture of a random girl with a nice smile- men will be men. Nonetheless, the fact remains. The intimate attention you’re receiving isn’t always yours to begin with.

  1. He Would Rather Hang Out With His Friends

its not that you are a bore to be around, however just like we need time to spend with our girls, men follow a certain “bro-code” that they keep highly regarded in their social life. Men love being around other men- and their friends hold a distinct place in their lives that can sometimes override spending time with their companions. Most of the time, a man would rather be hanging out with “the boys” rather than kicking back, watching the notebook. No surprise there! Don’t take it to heart- just like we would rather be downing a bottle of wine with the girls rather than sitting through an agonizing game of football, men would rather do the opposite. It’s a stereotype, of course. But its just how the world is.

  1. Men Have Just As Many Body Image Issues As Women

Modern society has painted this image where woman have such immense competition to portray a sense of beauty. Standards like sustaining a slim figure, growing long, luscious hair and having large, perky breasts. Contrary to popular belief, men suffer just as much- if not more in these aspects. It’s hard to keep up with the label of what women are looking for in a man. If a man isn’t 6”+, built with structured abs and cant grow a full, groomed beard, you best believe that he is self-conscious about that. They may not peak about it as freely as we do because they don’t want to put their masculinity to the test- nonetheless, men really do have it just as tough as women.

  1. He Did See That Text

Let’s face it- its 2017 and the world practically revolves around your phone- we have typically become reliant on our devices to be kept up to date in every single aspect of the world- including communicating with that cute guy you met at the bar the other week. Disregarding times when you genuinely don’t have access to your phone like being at work or deciding to spontaneously venture to some unknown part of the world that doesn’t have phone service- there is no reason to not being able to spend .02 seconds of your time to reply to a text. If you haven’t received a message from a man (or anyone, really) in a few days, its definitely not because he didn’t see it. People make time for the things that are important to them. At the end of the day, if he isn’t texting you back it’s because you are not a priority.

  1. Communication Is Not Always Key

Communication plays a vital role in every relationship. Without a clear understanding of ones views or their outlook on situations, any connection once had is bound to wither. However, that doesn’t mean that some things really are better left unsaid. In a mans world, communication doesn’t always mean to speak about your feelings. Communication can be distinguished through body language or physical acts. Sometimes, men enjoy expressing their feelings through physicality’s rather than verbally saying something. Again, this is a natural phenomenon for men as sometimes it can be uncomfortable to open up and say things that could potentially be embarrassing.

  1. He Wants More In The Bedroom

Its not that whatever you are doing in the bedroom currently is boring- if a man can, he will. They aren’t that fussy. However, that’s not to say that sometimes something more wouldn’t be fun. Intimacy is a powerful tool and it’s a pleasure that no man would want to give up. However, at the same time they won’t always be completely satisfied with mundane or predictable activities. Like anything in life, the more you think about it the more you want to change it up a bit. For a man, trying something new and exciting in the bedroom will always be running through his mind. He just won’t say anything in the cautionaries of losing his chances of getting it altogether.

  1. When You “Fake It” You’re Not Fooling Him

If you are the lucky 10% of the female population, you haven’t had to “fake it” to get things over and done with- congratulations! We are all extremely jealous. However, for the 90% of what is left, we have some bad news. If he knows how the female anatomy works, he also knows that you didn’t really just have the best time of your life in the bedroom. He knows that when you say “you’re the best I have ever had”- that is a lie. Sometimes are harder to know than others-we have grown to be very impressive actresses. Nonetheless, there is no use in trying to save his manhood through a little white lie when you both know that your socks weren’t rocked.

  1. Men Also “Fake It”

Definitely not as often as women, however some men really have had to “fake it” in the bedroom! It isn’t always because of something we have done. Sometimes hours of exercise just doesn’t cut it for men and naturally, their performance will drop because of it! Wanting to stroke our egos just as much as we do for them, a man will fake his happy ending in order to get out of any awkwardness. Don’t take it so personally- woman are just as bad for this. Although it may be a lot harder to hide the evidence and they will never readily admit it, men really do fake their fun in the bedroom. It could be for a variety of reasons, he’s too tired, he feels like he puts in all the work and wants to get it over with, or he’s has an early morning. Whatever the reasons is, guys do fake it…so keep that in mind!

  1. You’re Annoying When You’re Around Your Friends

When people are comfortable around their friends, it brings out a side to them that isn’t always a lot of fun. For women, our friends can become our personal anchors when hanging out in a group with your man. You’re more confident and playful because you have your gal-pals to fall back on- but that doesn’t mean it is all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, comfortability also means freely showing off- which a lot of the time can lead to cattiness or immaturity. Men see this, but don’t always understand it. When you’re around your friends, that slight change in personality is annoying- particularly because of their lack of history and clique in the group, which causes them to feel like an outcast at times.

  1. He Cries More Than You Know

We need to forget about the societal standards of men vs women in emotional capacities and start understanding that gender doesn’t define how sensitive emotions can be at any point in someone’s life. Men are just as emotional and dependent on compassion as women- although because of these standards that have been set in concrete around the world, men just don’t feel as comfortable addressing things that have upset them. To maintain their virile personas, men will hide certain things that have hurt them or pulled at their heartstrings. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel things. Surprise, ladies! Men are sensitive. It’s quite the revelation, but don’t expect to start having heart to hearts about love and romance until the world can embrace that delicate side.

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