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Meeting the needs of the less privileged persons in our society gives me fulfillment – Zidora Group Boss 

By: Isaac Oguntoye

Dr. Arinze Fortune Madueke on Tuesday said he derives joy and Fulfillment in meeting the needs of the less privileged in our society.

In a brief chat with journalists at his Lagos office, Dr. Madueke said “my first and primary focus is to uplift the standard of living of the  downtrodden in our society. “I will not be interested in politics, charity/ humanitarian affairs or even business, if it does not concern the people; if it doesn’t concern the little boy and girl hawking along the road, when he or she is suppose to be in school”, he insisted. “It doesn’t make any sense to me” ,he went on to add.

For those who should know, Dr. Madueke is the Chairman/CEO of Zidora Group,a multi-million premium brand he found many years ago with various subsidiaries in  Travels and Tours, Agriculture& Food Services , Pharmaceuticals,media,i.t oil and gas real estate. He also has considerable stake in real estate, media and Information Technology. Zidora Group is a top notch company established  years ago with business interests covering  travel and tours, foreign education placement, food and agriculture, oil and gas, real estate and consulting  with offices in Lagos, Abuja, Onitsha and Port Harcourt.

When asked why he chose to become an entrepreneur, he said, “You see,medical practice will give me enough money so that I cannot be poor. I will be comfortable and can afford to live a fairly good life, especially if I had decided to live in the US. Though in Nigeria, I can still afford a fairly good life with my medical practice, but life is bigger than just for myself and my family and maybe a few other people. But I wanted more from life.

Life and living is all about making impact in the lives of others. I don’t just want to be able to be comfortable all by myself. I don’t want to live for just myself and my family. Besides, I needed to be part of the solutions in the business world. No doubt, medicine is my first love  but the reality is that if I had not followed my dream boldly, perhaps, the over two hundred employees in Zidora Group across the country, may be part of the unemployed Nigerians. They may also be part of the six Nigerians that joins the rank of extremely poor people in the world, every minute.

Perhaps, what we have been doing with the Zidora Aid Foundation would not have happened. As an entrepreneur with major stake in the service industry, particularly in travels and tours, foreign education, real estate, oil and gas, media, among others, also as someone who practices the act of giving back through our Zidora Aid Foundation, I can say that there is nothing more fulfilling than providing solutions and meeting the needs of the less privileged in our society”.

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