Masked singer reveals the first pair of contestants


By Ogheneovo Victoria

The masked singer reveals first duo contestants. “The Snow Owls” appear to be the first duo on the show.

The Snow Owls are two people in two owl costumes who will compete and be unmasked as one.

They appear to be trapped together in a giant claw-footed egg,they’re the very first contestants of this kind to ever compete on the show and our mind is already wandering into guesses despite knowing nothing about these people beyond the fact that there are two of them.

The duo costumes left the people guessing because they know nothing about these people beyond the fact that there are two of them.

Viewers are wandering if the duo could it be siblings? twins? a music duo? a couple?, it was noticed that one of the owl appears to have eyelashes while the other does not, leading us to think one is a guy and one is a girl.

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They’re both wearing crowns, but otherwise the clues are scarce, we’ll have to wait until the first episode of the season to get a few more clues.

Characters who will be competing for that Golden Mask trophy this season along with the Snow Owls include Broccoli, Gremlin, Crocodile, Seahorse, Jellyfish, Mushroom, Watcha Macalit, Squiggly Monster, Baby Alien, Sun, Dragon, Giraffe and Popcorn. Official pictures of five of the contestants contesting for season 4 have been revealed.

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