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Maryam Abacha in happy mood

For now all what you could see Maryam Abacha widow of the late military dictator General Sanni Abach is smiling as if her account has been credited with billions of naira. Before you will start wondering why is this woman whose husband died at the corridor power in 1998 is smiling again, let quickly tell you that the reason is not farfetched. One of her son’s wives we can tell you for free has just given birth to a baby girl.

Hamama, wife of her fourth son Mahmud, was recently delivered of her first child after four years of marital life

We can also tell you here that Hamama who became Abacha in law in 2013 is in happy mood now as her dream of motherhood has finally been materialized. And since the arrival of the “visitor” there has been a lot of celebration in the house hold of Abacha. Apart this there has also been a lot of gift that has been bestowed on the mother of the new born baby who it was once revealed by paparazzi that she was under pressure to add to the population of Abachas. So for now it is good news to the Abacha and Maryam who will be happy to have another grandchild to her family name

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