March election and Yoruba ‘elders’


When some selfstyled Yoruba “elders” met recently through back-hand deals put together by retired Brigadier Jones Oladehinde Arogbofa, President Jonathan’s chief of staff, majority of Nigerians, especially Yoruba, should not be fooled. The Yoruba people, by nature and tradition are cultured and cosmopolitan. I am a Yoruba and cherish my identity with passion, but I will not allow self-seekers to represent my interests in the corporate entity known as Nigeria.
Never in the history of the Yoruba people had our collective future as a people been traded or bargained for on the altar of mere porridge by political brokers. Chief Ladoke Akintola and his group tried it in the 1960s and we knew the outcome. Chief Akin Omoboriowo and his gang attempted the same in in 1983 and again, the rest is history. Every Yoruba that has procured his/her Permanent Voters Card should use it wisely on March 28, 2015. Thank God for the new social media. The days of information oligopoly are over.
Nigerian youth and Yoruba people in particular want a president that will administer them with guarantee of lives of property and make the Nigerian nation safe. Millions of our youths are educated and have done what is expected of them, yet with all the degrees and university education, they cannot find jobs. The rate of inflation and the cost of living to the average Nigerian under President Jonathan are issues that should weigh heavily in the minds and hearts of our people when they enter the polling booth. Many of the industries and businesses in Yoruba land are dying and in comatose due to the epileptic power supply in the nation. The roads, bridges and highways are in such a state of disrepair and pitiable sights that Jonathan didn’t care a hoot until when he was planning to campaign for second term. The gangland activities of unemployed youths that are commonplace in Yoruba land are parts of the shortsightedness and abysmal failure of the Jonathan administration. The PDP -led Federal Government has failed the Nigerian nation, and has failed the Yoruba people in particular. Nigeria is currently in a serious financial mess, but the APC governors have been very prudent in managing the dwindling allocations from the PDPcontrolled Federal Government to impact on the Yoruba people.
Any serious observer and objective political analyst will readily admit that the APC governors have performed better than their PDP counterparts in the South West of Nigeria. This is the more reason Yoruba voters should be wise and think seriously on how their interests should be taken care of in the forthcoming presidential election. The presidential election in particular is not about Goodluck Jonathan or Muhammadu Buhari; rather, it is about whom between the two can use Nigerian resources to develop our people. This brings me to the ludicrous group of characters that assembled at Ibadan the other day and proclaimed themselves “Yoruba leaders.”
A look at the characters would seem as if they hold the future of all Yoruba in their hands and they would deliver the Southwest to their paymaster. It is amazing how human memories are so short. Isn’t it funny that Chief Richard Akinjide has now become one of the leaders of the Yoruba race? Was this Akinjide not the same person that invented the Twelve Two- Third Formula that deprived Chief Obafemi Awolowo the presidency of Nigeria in 1979?
Apart from nominating his daughter, Jumoke as minister and what else has he done for the Yoruba people? If Chief Olu Adebanjo wanted us to go into history and remind us that Gen Buhari jailed some Yoruba leaders, how about what some of the Yoruba Leaders have done to undermine fellow Yoruba?
Governor Olusegun Mimiko has now suddenly become a Yoruba leader? He was once in the AD, he was with late Papa Adebayo Adefarati, and later changed his party and went to the PDP, only to ditch the party and went to the Labour Party. Is Mimiko supporting Jonathan against Osinbajo, because of Mimiko’s love for the Yoruba people or for Mimiko’s love for Mimiko? The Yoruba people must know the antecedents of these characters and make wise and informed decision on Saturday March 28, 2015.

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