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Man allegedly slaughters wife in Lagos

One Jafar Osiugie has been arrested by the police in Lagos over the death of his wife Roselyn Osiugie. Roselyn who is 46 and a mother of five was found dead with her throat slit open in their apartment at No 8 Araromi Street in Oshodi area of Lagos.

Information had it that Jafar who is 50 and hails from Edo state had serially assaulted his wife and on countless occasions accused her of infidelity despite the fact that Roselyn had been the bread winner of the family for over ten years.
The Daily Times gathered that the corpse of Roselyn who sells frozen foods at Ijora market was discovered by her 16 year old son Richmond at about 4 am on Friday morning.
According to Richmond, “ the night before the incident was an usual one for us. For the first time, we saw mum and dad eating together from same plate. They ate beans and garri. I did not really suspect anything as I felt it could be the joy of my younger sisters birthday that was been celebrated that day. We all went to bed happy. I , my aunt and  three of my siblings laid in the sitting room while mum and dad slept in the room.
“But it was quiet surprising when at about 3 am on Friday, my dad woke me to go and lay with my mum in the room. He opened the door and went outside, I felt he had gone to urinate; I also followed to do same. But when I got to the toilet I saw dad vomiting in the bathroom, he was throwing up some black susbatnce. Out of fear, I ran back inside, called out to my aunt and we rushed to the bathroom to help dad back into the house.
“I rushed to the room to wake mum up so as to know how best to deal with what had happened to daddy but on flashing the torch to the bed where she was laying, I discovered her throat had been slit open and  the whole bed was soaked with blood. I tried to shake her to know if she was still alive but she was gone.
“I ran to the room to ask Dad what had happened to mum and he told me, some persons came into the house, killed my mother and also poisoned him. he later said I was responsible for my mother’s death.  I was confused and did not know what to believe because I knew he was not in his right frame of mind while he was talking. Mummy was a good woman and never complained when it came to doing all she could to meet our needs. I cannot believe she is gone for life ”
Accusing the deceased husband of murdering their daughter, the family of the deceased, said Jafar slaughtered their daughter, disposed the knife used to commit the Crime as well as cleaned the blood stains to erase any trace immediately he committed the crime and poisoned himself.

Denying the allegations, the brother of the suspect (name with held) said his brother had told him earlier that his wife was always receiving calls from unknown persons who claimed she was owing them. He said, “Jafar told me that his wife was heavily indebted and that her debtors were in the habit of calling her at night and threatening to deal with her if she does not pay up. After I was informed of his wife’s death, I immediately rushed down to his place. Our inlaws were shouting that my brother had killed their daughter, so I went to my brother who as at that time was not himself.
“I asked him what had happened and why he slit his wife’s throat open. He told me they were attacked by some men who claimed his wife was owing them and that the same people who murdered his wife also fed him with some poisonous substance which made him weak and sickly.”
The suspect Jafar who was arrested and taken to the Lagos State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department began was acting insane sickly and unable to stand without support.

The suspect, who kept shouting chemical, chemical, was later taken to Falomo General Hospital, Ikoyi for treatment, while investigation is ongoing.

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