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Malian Resort terror attack leaves over 6 people dead

At least four persons, including four terrorists, were killed at Sunday’s terror attack in a Kenya tourist site. Malian Minister Salif Traore, said on Monday that the country’s security forces killed at least four militants involved in the attack on the resort located outside Mali’s capital, Bamako.

The report said that two people were killed when gunmen stormed Le Campement Kangaba in Dougourakoro, Sunday, a resort on the edge of Bamako popular among Westerners. while security forces rescued more than 36 residents, including 13 French citizens.

Those at the resort included people affiliated with the French military mission and the U.N. and European Union missions in the country.

There are no French troops based in Bamako, but about 2,000 French troops are based in northern Mali, fighting Islamic extremists. A 10,000 U.N. peacekeeping force in Mali is tasked to stabilize the country, a former French colony, France intervened in 2013 to push back jihadists and allied Tuareg rebels who has taken over the country’s desert in the north a year earlier.

French President Emmanuel Macron, stated on Monday that Marcon spoke to the leader of Mali after the attack and pledged France’s full support for Mali.

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