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Who loves Igbo more than Okorocha?

As a keen observer of Igbo socio-cultural and political developments in the Nigerian state, I am always tempted to conclude that no one from that part of the country loves the people more than Owelle Rochas Okorocha, Executive Governor of Imo State.
Of course, I am not unmindful of the backlash this conclusion of mine would generate, but I have my reasons to so conclude and the millions of Igbo, who could be affronted by my reasoning should let me die before they pronounce my obituary.
A senior member of the ruling APC, Okorocha showed his love and concern for his Igbo race when he fumed at the PDP over the latter’s alleged plan to zone the Vice Presidency of the party to the South East come 2019, on the assumption that the APC would capitulate then.
One would have thought that any APC chieftain, no matter how highly placed, and with the love of Nigerians at heart, would emphatise with the people of the country at this critical stage in the nation’s history and not play politics with every available opportunity.
Though I am not a PDP apologist, the party has probably realised its mistakes of the last 16 years and has begun to strategise to have them corrected. Maybe not having an Igbo in the Villa is considered one of them.
But because of relevance or trying to be Fayose of the East, Governor Okorocha lampooned the PDP for what the party should be commended for.
“For sixteen years, the PDP was in power, the party never had any reason to remember that the South-East, as a major block in the country, could occupy the Vice-President position or could hold any of the sensitive positions in the country, and they are just waking up from their slumber after being out of power”, the governor was quoted to have said. This could be seen as genuine love of one’s people indeed.
But what was Okorocha’s efforts to right the ‘wrongs’ against the Igbo at the time Aso Rock seemed his second home? Now that he is even a senior member of APC, what efforts has he made to meet the yearnings of his people? Did his new party consider an Igbo worthy of the offer the PDP is bringing on the table now? There are many questions begging for answers, indeed.
Rather than subject PDP’s offer to scorn, the governor needs to show more respect for his people’s views and also identify with them. No doubt an Igbo man as VP would douse tensions from the region though the chances of the PDP may be remote in the end as it continues to confront challenges ahead 2019.

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