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Loot for campaign: PDP demands proscription of APC

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has urged the Independent National Electoral Commission to immediately proscribe the All Progressives Congress following the “undisputed revelations that it financed Muhammadu Buhari’s 2015 campaign with looted funds”.

The party, in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, made available to newsmen gave the APC-led administration a three-day ultimatum to respond to allegations that it was elected with looted funds or find itself top of the list of confirmed looters.

The party stated that instead of the Presidency and the APC to state how President Buhari’s 2015 campaign was funded with looted sums, “they are busy hallucinating about names of individuals,” whose matters are before the courts of competent jurisdiction.

The statement stated: “Now that the APC, the federal government, Alhaji Lai Mohammed and the Buhari Presidency have chosen a loud silence rather than accepting that looted funds were used to install Buhari as President in 2015, we charge INEC to do the needful by commencing the process for the proscription of the APC as a political party.

“It is evidently clear that the APC, federal government and the Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, are running away from the issue of how they raised money to install Buhari as President.”

The statement further stated that the recent action of the APC is an indication that the party has chosen to divert the attention of Nigerians and the international community from their “manifold failures of leadership”.

The statement further stated that the PDP will not join the bandwagon and engage in matters that that are subjudice because of its love and respect for the rule of law and it also challenged the presidency and the APC to declare the sources of the funds used in electioneering campaigns as well as how the funds were used.

It added: “We know those in the APC and Buhari’s cabinet, who as champions of looting, plundered the resources of their various states and handed same over for the very expensive electioneering campaign of President Buhari, who had earlier confessed of his insolvency. “We have challenged the APC and the Presidency to declare the sources of these funds and how they were used since they have been proven to come from public coffers.”


  1. Oluwaseun Oluwaseun April 4, 2018

    Buhari show your certificate: 12 SAN we got instead,
    APC show your party’s achievements in 3 years “,names of un-convicted looters displayed.
    Meanwhile Buhari is presiding over a govt sponsored by looted funds from ex PDP members who are very present prominent players in this regime.

  2. Temitope Temitope April 4, 2018

    Any time Buhari and his APC comedy groups are caught out, they shout corruption as a means of defence

    • Ifeoluwa Ifeoluwa April 4, 2018

      Corruption as done damage to us and was caused by the PDP in fact, when you hear corruption they are referring to PDP

      • Bukola Adeosun Bukola Adeosun April 4, 2018

        What else, its corruption… it has eating deep into every Nigerians, its time to let go of the past face the future

  3. Tayo Ogunsanya Tayo Ogunsanya April 4, 2018

    When Buhari came on board he foresaw that any fight against corruption will result in corruption fighting back and in some cases even stronger. That is exactly what is going on presently. Nobody expects the fight to be won without injury.

    • Funke Funke April 4, 2018

      Corruption fight must be fight completely

  4. Funmilayo Damilola Funmilayo Damilola April 4, 2018

    2019 IS PREGNANT

  5. Oluwatofunmi Oluwatofunmi April 4, 2018

    Since the name of looters are made available officially PDP has become a wounded Lion. They can’t deny the list but working hard to convince people that they are not alone in this corruption ministry.

  6. Ayomide Ayomide April 4, 2018

    APC has failed Nigeria and should be proscribed immediately.


  7. Abel Abio Abel Abio April 4, 2018

    You should be ashamed of yourself PDP members who are now shouting that others have also stolen after their hands have been caught in the cookie Jar.
    Shame! Shame! Shame!

    • Temi John Temi John April 4, 2018

      Are you proud of Amerchi, Okorocha and Tinubu et al whose hand where in that same cookie jar you are talking about. Okay! they wipe their dirty hand on Buhari cloths and used APC broom to sweep away the dirty drops

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