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Lil Wayne’S Tour Bus Shot Multiple Times


Not long after performing at a nightclub on April 25, Lil Wayne’s tour buses were shot at by an unidentified gunman while he was on board along with Lil Twist.

It happened in the early morning hours of Sunday, April 26, in Atlanta. The report claims that at least one of his two tour buses was shot at multiple times while they were leaving a nightclub after a performance, and many people were on board in both buses .

A police spokeswoman has confirmed the incident saying officers from her department were called to the incident at about 3:30 a.m. Sunday “regarding someone shooting at a bus that Lil Wayne was on. Responding officers found two tour buses that had been shot multiple times but one was injured”.

Neither Lil Wayne nor Lil Twist have tweeted since the shooting.

This alleged shooting comes just over a month after his Miami, Fla. home was the victim of a police swatting. When a prank caller claimed that there had been a shooting on the property, police swarmed the home only to find it completely empty. Later, it was confirmed that Lil Wayne wasn’t even in town at the time of the pranking.

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