Man slaps Wife of Police Officer, then pretends to Faint after finding out


A man got more than what he bargained for after deciding to mess with the wife of a police officer.

According to an online report, the man allegedly slapped the woman who was riding a bike.

The woman allegedly begged him to make way for her to pass while the man was jogging.

Rather than heed to her plea, the man allegedly slapped the woman.

Read the full report as shared on Facebook by Okon Otoyo who lives in Calabar, Cross River state.

The man on the picture slapped a woman who was riding a bike, begging him to make way for her to pass since he was doing morning jogging to keep fit, this man instead of heeding to her plea, he slapped the woman as if she had robbed him.

The Aftermath, he is now being dragged by the husband to the woman who is also an official of the Nigerian police force. The film don turn sawa, he is now pretending, fainting etc.

Moral lesson, pls, be careful the way you think and regard women or any person for God’s sake, such might turn out to be a big block you never thought could come your way at any time.

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