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Life has taught me that happiness is not having everything – Dokpesi’s daughter

High Chief Raymond Dokpesi is well known in Nigeria, especially in media industry. His chains of businesses criss cross the federation and beyond. One of his daughters which many people do not know, no thanks to her shyness, but very industrious is Homto Dokpesi who can be described as a lady of many parts. The beautiful and sexy lady who is based in Abuja in this exclusive interview with AJIBADE ALABI spoke on many issues, even though she refused to discuss her love life, she was as interesting as she brought out her funny sides and serious entrepreneur goals. Excerpts:

Let’s get to meet you?
I’m Homto Zaida Dokpesi, I like to describe myself as an adventurous thrill seeker who has a knack for turning dreams into reality. A fashion Entrepreneur, Business Economist, Motivational Speaker and classroom Accountant.

Educational background?
I attended Igbinedion Education Centre for my junior secondary, Vivian Fowler Memorial College for girls, Lagos for my senior secondary, Igbinedion University, Okada for my First degree in Accounting and University of Westminster, UK for my Masters Degree in International Business Economics.

H o w long have you been in the business?
Four years and two months.

What inspired you to this profession, baring in mind that your father has a chain of businesses, why not join one of his companies, especially the media?
I did work in one of my father’s companies right after I got done with my NYSC. I have done TV shows, I used to be on Ray power 100.5 fm Soul serenade, I used to be the Executive Assistant to the MD (DAARSAT Services), but I have always had an adventurous mind and the Entrepreneurial stint in me. I am that girl next door that can be described as a lady that can sell a dead corpse to you and you would buy. After carrying out a thorough analysis on my person, I knew I had strengths that would create a path for me that I would be proud of and be fulfilled.

What position are you in your family?
In Africa I was taught you do not count kids or wives or family members.

Okay, are you still single and searching?
I would rather pass on that question. I have an amazing kid that I love and adore. That would be my answer to that question.

You mean you have love kids?
What’s love kids? I don’t understand.

I mean kids you have without marriage?
I have an amazing son whom I love and adore.

How has your father’s personality and popularity influenced you?
My father, I like to describe as a rare gem, a man that was specially created. His humility, doggedness, perseverance, determination has made me into the humble, ambitious, focused and determined woman that I am today.

What are the things you think you can bring into your profession?
I don’t understand that question. How do you mean?

I mean, what positive change do you think you can bring to your job?
I have brought in a lot of innovation. Are you thinking of been a politician in future?

Are you asking if I plan to go into politics in future?
Well you never can say. Like I always say, never say never.

So that means you have interest in politics?
Hehehe, there is a saying that a monkey cannot give birth to a dog.

Hahaha. A politician never answers directly so you don’t get caught in the middle. Tell us your sense of dressing? Playful, colourful and classy.

What determines your dress code?
The weather, the event I am attending, and my mood.

If you are to change anything in your body, what would that be?
I love myself just the way I am.

What can’t you be caught with?
I truly don’t know.

Are you a socialite?
Depends on your definition of who a socialite is.

I mean do you attend social events?
I do, but I choose events that I attend.

Was there any event you have attended and harassed because you are a celebrity, especially a daughter of Dopkesi?
Nothing of that sort as I said earlier I select events that I attend.

Looking back, was there anything you wished you would have done which you did not do?
Hmmm, nothing I can remember. I try to live in my moment so I have no regrets tomorrow.

Ladies don’t like to disclose their age, but tell us, are you in your 30 s or 40s or in your late 20s?
I am in my very early 30’s.

At your age, what has life taught you?
Life has taught me that it’s an amazing journey that takes you up and then throws you down and no matter how low you go, remember nothing lasts forever. Dust yourself, be patient with time and get back up. It has taught me: happiness is not having everything you want, but being thankful and grateful for everything you have, that’s a secret that teaches u to live in the moment and create amazing memories. Life has taught me that challenges are not meant to discourage you but to spur you on to greater heights; to mould you into the person experience and wisdom would thank you for.

Now on a serious note, are you in a serious relationship, If yes, will it lead to marriage and if no, why?
I truly don’t want to talk about my relationship. Ok.

Tell our readers one thing people don’t know about you?
I am an extremely shy lady.

Last word to your admirers and our readers?
Be strong, focused, learn to be patient with time; persevere through the dark days no matter how long they last or how often they come, you would always come out shining brighter than a diamond.

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