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Leave Aisha Buhari Out Of Kogi State Election Petitions Tribunal, Says Group

A group, Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET) has warned propagandists to desist from mentioning the wife of Nigeria’s President, Mrs Aisha Buhari in the Kogi State governorship election petition tribunal.

This is against the backdrop of rumours on online media (not Daily Times) that Mrs Buhari brokered a deal to buy the tribunal judgement for the state Governor, Mr Yahaya Bello.

In a statement issued on Monday by the Executive Secretary of the group, Comrade Ikpa Isaac said, Mrs Buhari is not from Kogi State and therefore has no cause to want to influence the outcome of the election petition tribunal.

“It is uncharitable to imply that the judiciary, the Kogi State Election Petitions Tribunal is corrupt simply because people have doubts about their case before the panel. The same judiciary has ruled in Rivers State and Akwa Ibom state without inducement so why would Kogi’s case be different?

“There have been several attempts by corruption fighting back and those previous attempts had targeted President Muhammadu Buhari or his appointees. This latest attempt to get at President Buhari through his spouse marks a new low in the depth to which these corrupt people have sunken,” Isaac said.

The group therefore warns the persons behind the propaganda to treat their internal state issues as what they are and not nationalise their internal state politics simply to curry attention.

“In case they are ignorant of the implication of their actions, we have as Nigerians sacrificed a lot to get the anti-corruption fight to the stage where it is presently and we will not take kindly to anyone attempting to undermine its credibility by trying to knowingly or unknowingly rope the wife of the President into the politics of a state she does not even hail from.

“They must also be warned that the judiciary is pivotal to the anti-corruption fight, so attempting to rubbish the honourable justices is a disservice to the great men working to midwife a reborn Nigeria. Had this people crying wolf have any genuine evidence, they should have approached the anti-graft agencies and table their facts for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) or any other agency to act. Instead, despite the compelling evidence they claim to have, the groups fronting for whoever is behind this latest attempt at frustrating the anti-graft crusade is still at the stage of threatening to report to the National Judicial Council (NJC). People with facts do not threaten. They take action.

“By the way, if the parlous financial situation of their state is the only evidence with which they want to approach the NJC that N1.5billion was taken from its coffers to bribe judges, then we wonder what the other 26 states that are equally distressed and unable to pay salaries would now blame for their woes,” he said.

The group however demanded that the propagandists should tender unreserved apology to Mrs Buhari

While urging the indigenes of Kogi state to resolve their internal issues, Isaac said the President, his family and federal institution must be left out of any further or future propaganda fireworks that Kogi people want to launch since the peace prevailing in other states must not be broken because of local politics of their state.

“We hope that in the interest of Nigeria, Kogi state politicians and people will hearken to wisdom and not force the hands of other states to call them out for trying to ridicule and compromise the Federal Government to which every citizen has right.

“We are aware that the actors in this charade are members of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) and with their headquarters in Lagos primed to tarnish the good image of the first family. We will not hesitate to name them if they continue this dance of shame and wholesale character assassination against members of the judiciary and any member of the Nigerian state.,” he stated.

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