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Lawmaker, Femi Gbajabiamila’s Gift

If you have been following the happenings on social media lately, you must have come across one of the trending news of Nigeria Lawmaker, Femi Gbajabiamila who gave his wife a new G-wagon with “Assurance” license plates for her 50th birthday.

The House of Reps Majority leader may have regretted flaunting such gift on social media as it generated some buzzes with trolls of curses from Nigerians.

Many condemned this judging by the hunger and poverty among the people, and at a time the image of the National Assembly is very poorly-rated; how can a lawmaker, who is very stingy to his constituents, be flaunting a whopping N100million worth of SUV to his wife, while his constituents are wallowing in poverty?

Now, many of his constituency members are waiting for him as they promise to frustrate his 5th term ticket agenda.

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