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The latest admonition on change

It is baffling that when Nigerian political parties are campaigning for office, they and their candidates promise heaven on earth but soon after they get into office, the narratives change.

They give excuses as to why their earlier promise(s) can no longer be fulfilled and in some instances deny ever making such promise(s).

At other times, they start calling for patience on the part of Nigerians, reeling out thousand and one reasons why they should be allowed more time to make good their promise(s).

Nothing exemplifies this as the admonition by former Minister of Information, Prince Tony Momoh, on April 24, 2016 at Mararaba, Nasarawa State that Nigerians should not to expect immediate change from the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The former Information minister and chieftain of the APC said the promised change would come in two years.

A day after, six ministers of the Buhari administration at a town hall meeting in Lagos also sang the same song. The ministers who were in Lagos to explain the policies of the Buhari-led APC administration urged Nigerians to show understanding, saying the change they expect could not happen in one year. What a change of the narratives; what a shift of the goal post mid-way into a game!

Poser: Does it mean that when the APC was busy campaigning for the 2015 general election, it did not understand that the promise of change it made would not materialise in one year or was it just deceiving the electorate? If it did, why did it create the impression that once in power, Nigerians will witness better days almost immediately?

The admonition by Momoh, the six ministers and other chieftains of the party that Nigerians should not expect the promised change by the APC to happen in one year is exactly how not to shift the goal post when the game is on and all well-meaning persons must condemn this tendency by politicians and political parties to dash the hope of the people once in power. Our politicians and political parties must know that they would be held accountable to their promises during campaigns, a reason they should stick to their promises. Anything short of this is taking Nigerians for a ride and would backfire in future.

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