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Landlady sets tenant’s apartment ablaze in Lagos

Determined to force her tenant to quit her building, an angry landlord, broke into the man’s apartment at the Ijegun area of Lagos State and set it on fire.

The landlady identified as Mrs. Nike, poured fuel inside the tenant, Adeleke Shakiru’s apartment and set it on fire. The incident happened on Tuesday around 9am.

She poured petrol on a foam and other properties in the house and lit a match, setting apartment on fire.

She, her husband Jamin and other members of the family fled, fearful over the consequences of her action.

Eye witnesses said the whole building would have been razed down, but for the quick intervention of other tenants.

The tenants quickly controlled and arrested the fire from spreading. The tenant’s property was however destroyed in the fire.

One of the residents said: “Our landlady set the apartment on fire just to force the tenant to quit the apartment from the apartment.”

Some residents said Mrs. Nike broke into Shakiru’s apartment through the window.

It was gathered that Shakiru he rented the apartment two years ago and was using a small generator like other tenants living at the building. One day, he was told by Nike’s husband to stop using the generator.

When the tenant asked why, Nike ordered to keep quiet and obey. If he refused to obey, he should vacate the apartment.

Shakiru ignored the threat and continued to use his generator. Nike allegedly started threatening his family.

Shakiru said there was a time she used digger to remove his doors and windows, which he reported to the police at Ishero Oshun division. He was at his place of work on Tuesday when he received call from his wife that Nike had set their apartment on fire.

Shakiru’s wife, Bosah, said that after her husband went to work, Nike came and started dragging her son, Adam, insisting that she would throw him into the well.

She said it took the intervention of neighbours to prevent her from carrying out her threat.

She said while she was outside with other neighbours, Nike carried some petrol and went through the back window to burn the house.

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