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Lagosians differ on Saraki’s resignation over CCT trial

Even before the trial of Senate President, Bukola Saraki started at the Code of Conduct Tribunal over alleged assets falsification acts, a lot of Nigerians have been commenting on the development. While many commentators want him to resign and face his trial, and if proved innocent return to is seat, others see no reason why he should resign. Even with more charges and fresh evidences especially the Panama Leaks, those calling for his resignation have been unrelenting. For almost two weeks now, a group known as Occupy NASS has laid siege to the National Assembly while an opposition group also supported him. Here OLUWAGBEMIRO JOEL, went on the streets of Lagos to seek the peoples’ opinion. Excerpts: 

On the case of Saraki, a man is not guilty until he is proven guilty. I don’t think he should resign, when he is proven guilty, he can then resign – Tayo Aduroja, a civil servant. 

I have a million reasons why he should not be there. Trying to promote transparency, someone is found wanting, I think he should resign. Moshood Oyeniyi, self-employed.

As for the future purpose and to respect the masses’ views, I think the best for him, is to resign because he can’t win the case. Bukola Adeleke.

He is not new in this country, he ruled Kwara State for a couple of times, and they called him godfather of Kwara State. I don’t think he should have anything that will make him unable to discharge his duties. I am not a fan of the Senator, but I will still advise, while the tribunal is going on or pressing for charges, whether he is guilty or not, because he will still need to face the tribunal, that is when it will be clear if he is guilty or not. Now, if he is not guilty of the offence, I don’t think that should affect him, no matter how long they stay at the tribunal, it won’t change anything. What I think is that if he is guilty as charged it is the best time for him to resign honorably.Victor Adeyanju.

You know this thing is still in court. If he is guilty of what he is being accused of, then he should resign. If he has any proof to show that he is not guilty of the offence, then he should remain in the office. Shittu Muhammed.

For me, I will rather let him continue because everybody has his own part to play, but after this, no more. Kehinde Ayodele.

He has been tainted already. As a senate president, he is supposed to be a good image to the citizens. For him now not to be dented legally, he should resign. Their party’s fight is ahgainst corruption and not for anything else. Adeyanju Damilola, civil servant.

In my opinion, 90 percent of Nigerians are corrupt until we all repent. For instance, David Mark, he is in a better position to caution him, he is the former senate president, he has been in power since the military era, he has ruled as governor and as a senator, if people like Saraki are now coming to rescue us, is it people like that should victimized? Nobody is clean in Nigeria. Is that how to behave, APC wants to use Saraki and dump him. The man has done nothing, until we realize and agree that this country has gone down and there is need to rebuild it, then we are going nowhere. If Saraki is stealing now or he had stolen before, is it now that they are supposed to be accusing him? Saraki is a great person; he is controlling three states, so the trial is politically motivated.  If people like Saraki did not defect to APC, did they think they will win the election; it is now that they want to dump him. The head is corrupt already and it is where the head goes the whole body will follow. Segun Abayomi, Self employed.

Firstly, Saraki should be hanged. He should resign. Over the years, he has been the governor of Kwara State, what did he do there? Nothing! During the Eid-Fitri celebrations he attended, he was stoned. We have about 490 lawmakers and every year we produce about 5000 graduates that are jobless, yet they are the same set of old people occupying same positions. Like Fela used to say, ’’everything is mere arrangement’, he should resign. Demilade Adelekan.

I am not a politician but I believe he should be allowed to stay in the office and prove himself not guilty for not exposing some of his properties. Politics as a whole is a dirty game; they know themselves, so I believe there must be something behind it. He has lawyers now, so let it be settled in court.           Olusayo Ajayi, Self employed.

All of them are just the same thing. All our politicians are corrupt, they steal our money. Basically if resignation is the best thing, let him resign and go. But the truth is, if he leaves, who says Ekweremadu will not come in and what Buhari says may not be realized. If when he leaves there can be new election, then that will be better.Afolabi Olakunle.

He wouldn’t resign, no matter the pressure they may put on him. The best thing is just to let due course followed, take him to Court if the Court says he should not be there then, he should go. Let the law have its say in the land not by pressure.Amida, an entrepreneur.

I think he should continue while the trial is still on because if he leaves, it makes no change. So let him still be there while the trial continues then anything that the court says will be final. But for now, let Bukola Saraki remain the Senate President.Uchechi Nwani, a Banker.

As a Nigerian, whatever they do is okay, in fact I don’t want to talk. Adebowale Wakiru, a driver.

He should resign because he is on trial. I don’t see where they are trying someone and he still remain in that office; he is going to corrupt other people’s morale. That is how I see it, he is the leader, it is just like trying a president of a country and he still remains the president. He has the power to influence the judges. He has to come off that seat first, face the trial, clear himself and then go back if not guilty. Uchioma, a business woman.

The point there is that he should resign and face the trial. Daniel Adewoye, an undergraduate.

I wouldn’t say he should resign. I want to be neutral. I will say that Nigerians should believe more in the judiciary and let the law take its full course. Lena Muna.

In a decent society the honorable thing to do is to resign and face the trial to be able to concentrate and again for the sanctity and sensitivity of his office, he would have set aside, clear himself and then come back. Eddy Erhumeh, self employed.

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