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Lagos moves to change commuters’ attitude

Determined to improve commuters’ experience on Lagos roads, the Ministry of Transportation has called on the Nigerian Media to actively partner with it to change the attitude of commuters on the roads.

Making this call during a courtesy call by the Nigeria Auto Journalists Association, the Commissioner for Transportation, Dr. Dayo Mobereola said poor road culture manifesting as gross disregard for traffic laws, regulations and rules are the ingredients of hiccups on Lagos roads.

He explained that the partnership with the media would ensure the issues are put in the public space adding that optimal benefit of government’s efforts to improve road experience by all road users will only result when discipline and patience are imbibed as essential feature of commuting.

While explaining the plans of the administration in the sector, the Commissioner said the Strategic Transportation Master plan is made up of a 30-year plan involving the development of 14 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes; 6 (six) rail routes, 450 other bus routes and 24 water transportation routes.

He noted that the design takes cognizance of the land use patterns and is founded on the principle of partnership with the private sector.

Also stating that the interest of the end user is critical to any policy initiative, Mobereola was of the view that all efforts at providing transport services will include consideration for comfort and affordability.

He said providing air conditioned buses is a top priority. He added that the duration for providing rail system may be long but the period of use and benefits is usually longer.

Mobereola also stated that reaching the 22 million users in Lagos is important to the Ministry and that synergy between all modes is essential for it to be cheaper and effective.

Speaking further on the protection of pedestrians, especially at zebra crossing, the commissioner stated that as an advocate of comfort and liberty he remained committed to non – motorized transport which informed the provision of walkways on the roads as well as improvement in the use of pedestrian bridge and provision of adequate road signs.

He assured that all buses being used for BRT operations are backed by manufacturer’s maintenance agreements to ensure adequate and proper maintenance.

The Chairman of the Nigeria Auto Journalist Association, Mr. Frank Kintum, while acknowledging the efforts of the Lagos State Government in the provision of BRT buses to Lagosians, said that the government should not relent in its efforts at providing more buses as well as improve other forms of transportation to make life easy for Lagosians as well as decongest gridlocks on our roads.


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