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Lagos Election Was War – PDP

Chief Taiwo Abayomi Kuye is the Financial Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in Lagos, in this interview, he spoke on the loss of the election in the state to the All Progressives Congress (APC) saying his party contested against the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and security agents and not APC. Excerpts:

Why the party is heading for the tribunal?

We came to INEC to complain about irregularities and up till now, INEC cannot give us a definite answer. The other day I said it, that part of their game plan were the irregularities that characterized the governorship elections. In preparation for the election, there was a meeting between all the local government electoral officers and other chieftains of the party, where they planned in favor of APC. We discovered this in about 11 local governments, whereas in the governorship, we busted it in about 14 Local Governments.

PDP stronghold in Lagos?

The PDP stronghold in Lagos is more than 13, 14 local governments to be precise. There are Igbos in Lagos: Epe, Ajeromi, Agege; there is no part of Lagos you won’t find them. The same pattern of rigging was used by the APC. The five local government areas that were left out were areas they cannot change the figures because they were really dealt with. But in areas like Mushin, Kosofe where they were defeated with 5,000, they just went to INEC booths and added figures, unlike in Ajeromi and others where they lost with 20,000 votes. There they cannot do anything cynical. I stand to tell you that our stronghold cut across more than 14 local governments in Lagos, and we have won that election. That is why on the part of APC there was no celebration.

Why then did PDP candidate congratulate Ambode, if he didn’t accept the outcome?

Congratulations does not stop anything, it only shows that Jimi Agbaje is a statesman by doing so.

Is PDP not crying over spilled milk?

We have not lost, go to all nooks and crannies of Lagos, everyone will tell you that they voted Jimi Agbaje. All these and more are the true facts that we are presenting to the tribunal.

Is there still unity within PDP with current happenings in the party?

We are united. Obanikoro is a leader here, Bode George is also the party’s leader in Lagos and south west, so we are going nowhere. Anyone who jumps ship because APC is now at the center, such a person is making a fool of himself or herself. Anyone who makes such a stupid mistake would have himself or herself to blame in the nearest future. Likewise, I stand to be the last person to remain in PDP, even till tomorrow.

So, how was Lagos State won and lost again?

Lagos State belongs to us, everyone saw it, and all classes of people saw that Jimi Agbaje was voted as the governor. But it was a battle between PDP, INEC, the security agencies in Lagos and not APC.

When are you going to the tribunal?

We have 21 days after the election. It is a 3-member tribunal and I have the list of members. We will file our papers before the deadline expires.

Future of PDP in Lagos?

Our landslide victory in the council elections sent a signal to APC, we won more than 12, 13 local government chairmanship, and more than 180 councillorship. But their leader said: ‘go and give them 18 councillorship, they cannot preside over anything in Lagos’. All these will come to an end when we come back from the tribunal.

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