Ladiesfive reasons he’s not just into you

Ladies five reasons he’s not just into you

By Mutiat Alli

Ladies! Okay, so I know you guys have all spent time asking yourselves questions of where you went wrong, over and over again in your relationship. Why did he break up with you?

The real gist is, you may never know the exact answers because, most of the reasons these guys break off with you are as a result of the traits or behaviors you exhibit. But you’ll need to move on regardless so we’re going to be helping you end all hours of thinking and worries.

But even when you move on, you still end up losing the relationship and it hurts that you don’t seem to know why. Because trust me, I know it could be frustrating and sad.

So today, we decided to discuss and highlight 5 reasons the man you’re with is not just into you.

So below are things that guys would never take in a relationship:

Being envious This is one of the things that can vex a guy in a relationship. You should never get jealous of another woman.

He will quickly notice your lack of self-confidence. You should be bold, proud of whom you are. Carry yourself like the goddess that you. You are beautiful. You are majestic. You are perfect.

These should be your thoughts when you wake up every morning. When you feel like another woman might make you feel inferior, you should ask yourself ‘what does she have that I don’t have’? Envy is a feature that can make the most beautiful woman very unattractive.

So be careful girl.

Being demanding Definitely, you’d want to express your opinion on a date, but no one likes being bossed around.

Never confuse confidence with pride and remember to let your date talk about what they like to do, too. He’s the Man in the relationship and he should be able to flex his authority.

Now don’t get me wrong, asking for stuff is okay. But when it becomes too much, so much that you start stretching him to an unreasonable extent, then you need to check yourself.

Ordinarily, he is already doing his best to make you happy and keep your satisfied and you should commend, appreciate and respect him. And then he in turn will do the same to you.

Don’t drive him away by asking for something that will make him go and steal before he can get it for you. 3. Acting phony Don’t think that a man can’t see when you aren’t being sincere. If you pretended to love motorcycles just to impress him, he’ll feel hurt when he finds out.

He wants you to be yourself. The person you are suppose Negativity. When you’re vulnerable and being emotionally overbearing, there are two separate categories.

It’s fine to open up and be honest about what is happening in your life; that is what makes you genuine! However, constant crying, complaining and moodiness are not going to convince anyone to stick around. Being a positive person is much more attractive.

When you’re done mourning the loss of your relationship, always take your time to evaluate why he broke things off.

Take the chance to learn from this relationship, improve yourself and realize what qualities in a person will make you happiest.

Following the crowd Guys are very observant when it comes to this, and yes he’ll notice if you just follow the crowd.

Men are looking for women who are original, unique and independent; not those who can’t think for themselves. Develop your sparkling personality instead of following the crowd to catch a winner.

Like we had said before, build your self-confidence. Be the majestic woman that you are. Let your man crave by the attention you carry. Don’t fret at the sight of another woman. No. Standing tall and walk with your head held high.

You are Woman.

Acting dramatic When you start gossiping to your man, he’ll start to wonder what you are saying behind his back.

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Now there’s a big difference between gossiping to your man and gisting with your man. But then always remember to give people the benefit of the doubt and be kind; your mister will love being with someone who is level-headed and trustworthy.

It should be you and him against the world. So ladies I hope this would help you actualize what you really want. Let it help you enjoy your relationship

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