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‘Labour Party as no candidate for Ekiti guber election’

Leadership of Labour party, Wednesday in Abuja said it has no intention to present a candidate for the forthcoming Ekiti State Gubernatorial election.

Chairman of the party, Dr. Mike Omotoso in a press briefing in Abuja, told journalist that the party and the Nigerian Labour Party categorically disown and condemn recent posturing of, and claims by some politicians in Ekiti State that they are the candidate of the party in the forthcoming election.

“The Labour Party has no candidate in the July 14, governorship election,” he stressed.

Dr. Omotoso, further warned that INEC workers, should allow democracy to have its full root in Nigeria and should not allow themselves to be hoodwinked by the antics of political impostors.

He added that all political aspirants under the party, are requested to deal only with the screening committee of the party, stressing that on no account should any one engage in any form of financial transaction on issues related with the labour party another person.

He said, “right now, the labour party is pre-occupied with strategic repositioning aimed at re-energizing our capacity as a people for issue-based politics and ideological driven political contestations.

We urge politicians to steer clear of the new Labour party because we are aware of their gimmicks to lure the labour party in the direction of other political parties with the hope of rehabilitating their dwindling political relevance. As they say once bitten, twice shy”.

Meanwhile leadership of the party has said that the recent development has spurred its leadership to place a disclaimer on the former Governor of Ondo State, Olusegun Mimiko, stating that it is fully aware of the plan by the man to destabilise the current gain being made by workers to reclaim and reposition the labour.

It said that the major purpose of Mimiko’s re-approach to labour party is to use the workers’ party to launder his sagging political image.

“Nigerians would recall that Dr. Mimiko abandoned the Labour party the PDP in 20 15 National convention. Such treachery and betrayal of a party that gave the former Governor succour in the darkest hour of his political career especially as manifest in his two term victory on the ticket of the party is to say the least, cheap and callous.

It is also revealed paucity of knowledge of the philosophy of the Labour party as a peoples rooted party and dearth of class consciousness on his part”.

he maintained that the Labour party, is an offspring of the working class family and was midwived by the labour movement. He also described it as the political vehicle for Nigeria workers and the Nigerian poor.

“It was founded on the corner stone of ideological clarity and class consciousness to promote and defend the political cum socio-economic interest of the working people.

There is no doubt that political journey persons like Mimiko had in the past taken advantage of the leadership challenges in the Labour party to satisfy their fantasies for political opportunism”.

Claiming that things have changed in the party, however, noted that the labour movement in alliance with its civil society partners and other patriotic Nigerians, is poised to fully reclaim the labour party and restore it as a model political institution that does not only epitomize the values of the working class family but also capable of contesting for power with members of a failed political class, with whom the former Governor dines and wine.

Also contributing, President of NLC, Comrade Ayuba Waba, laid emphasis on the plan by some people to continue using the party as political springboard. He said, “days are gone when politicians jump in and out of the party without sharing the party ideology.

People should not go outside the party foundation and claim they are with us. We have also seen that many people have been defrauded by those who claim the ownership of the party and those who use the party for personal business ventures”.

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