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Knowledge base economy needs a shift in paradigm – Enwenode

Mathew Dadiya, Abuja

With the global economic downturn, an author, Mr Felix Enwenodo has said that for economies like Nigeria to advance, there is need for a shift in paradigm to achieve her set objective of transformation.

Enwenode emphasized that except the people think differently and act unconventionally to proffer solution outside text books, there would be no meaningful development.

The author stated this on Saturday in Abuja during the launching of his book, “Corporate Madness: Making a difference in the market place.”

He stressed that ” a creative man is often regarded as a mad person though looking for letter ‘e’ to become made; adding that one cannot lead until one has the capacity.

According to him, only 2% of the world population control the resources of the universe.

“Problems crop up daily that weren’t anticipated in textbooks but we must be able to lead others through change. The Eagle’s example is needed for everyone who is determine to succeed in life. Conventional education is the basic key to success in life, but it does not provides all the answer; we must think out of the box to be able to solve our daunting challenges as a nation,” hope stated.

“We are in a time where the greatest pressure of the economic activities lies lies on the shoulder of leadership either in business, family and organisation.

Like we know, this is not the best of time for so many CEOs because of the current economic crunch in business and structure, but this can also be the best of time for business triumph if you know what to do because every problem has adequate opportunity concealed inside,” the author maintained.

Enwenode, who is also a pastor, said “Everybody must be on board to ensure that we get out of the wood. You don’t have to impress anybody, all you need to is to keep building. The corporate madness must involves: Long lasting business that outlives you, become a first mover with attendant advantage, market control and dominance in the long run.”

The Pastor also expressed concerned over the inability of leaders to correlate their speeches with policy direction.

“Round-table discussion on how to entrench success in businesses is very crucial in every economy. My book, Corporate Madness gives you the an insight into life’s best solution.

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