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I Knew Buhari’s Govt Would Curtail Freedom of Expression-Charles Novia

Outspoken filmmaker, Charles Novia has condemned the ban on African Independent Television (AIT) by the President-Elect, Muhammadu Buhari to cover his activities.

Novia said that he always knew that “freedom of expression will be curtailed in the next government.”

The popular Nollywood filmmaker who posted his opinion on his facebook account said, “If this report is true, it shows the colouration of Buhari’s government to the Press. As a President, you must be tolerant. There’s no REASON to be vindictive to the Press. Hasn’t President Jonathan shown a good example by being tolerant and indifferent to all the insults the opposition Press had for him all these years? Someone should tell Buhari that the year is 2015 and not 1984. If he comes in with a vengeance, he cannot have a focused reign. You don’t screw with the Press or Freedom of Association.”

“If any of his goons have issues with AIT or Chief Dokpesi, the Press Council and Law Courts are there to utilize. I have said it that freedom of expression will be curtailed in the next government and this will prove my suspicions right.

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