Kim Kardashian officially a billionaire – Forbes

For the first time, Kim Kardashian has reached the billionaire club — she is now a billionaire… According to Forbes, she owes the majority of her success to makeup and shapewear.

According to the paper, KK’s net worth has risen to a cool billion dollars, up from about $780 million when they last reviewed in October. Kim’s makeup line, KKW Beauty, and her SKIMS brand, according to Forbes, account for a large portion of her increased wealth.

According to their estimates, KKW Beauty has been taking in about $100 million a year since its launch in 2017 — and when Kim sold 20 percent of her ownership interest in the business to beauty conglomerate Coty, she walked away with a cool $200 million. According to Forbes, her remaining 72 percent interest in the firm is worth $500 million on its own.

Then there’s SKIMS, which, according to Forbes, hasn’t released its financials, but Forbes still values her equity stake at about $225 million.

Her remaining funds are invested in cash and other assets, including real estate. According to Forbes, Kim has been earning at least $10 million a year (pre-tax) from ‘KUWTK,’ sponsorship deals, and other business activities she has dabbled in since 2012.

Kim has now joined her sister Kylie, who has built a billion-dollar makeup empire… plus a host of other actors, including her former husband, Kanye West, who have joined the billionaires club in recent years.

She has yet to react to her new status… But you know she has to be happy.

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