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Khloe Kardashian reveals why she didn’t dump Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian has finally opened up on Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal.She revealed why she didn’t react bitterly following the cheating scandal which forced her into labour .

She revealed she stayed strong for her daughter ,True Thompson.

She tweeted

I wanted to have a beautiful birthing experience for myself and for the memories of what I choose to share with True when she’s older. I want her to have videos and pictures of her daddy there, holding her etc. I want her to know she is LOVE and my happiness! Babies feel energy!

I know this! I chose to put my feelings aside for the birth and to try and have as much positive energy that I could. My only thought was about the birth of my daughter. I wasn’t going to let ANYONE disrupt anything less than what she deserved. Joyous love. I chose to be mature &

strong for True. I waited for this day for so many years! I know now, looking back that I was in shock because I couldn’t believe that this would ever happen to me but I’m still very proud of myself for how I handled everything. True gave me the peace and strength I needed.

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